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I was very excited to visit Artnia Square Enix after reading about it from one of my favourite bloggers, Tricia Gosingtian. Artnia Square Enix is a cafe and store that sells Final Fantasy merchandises as well as food related to the game. It is definitely a must visit for all the Final Fantasy fans out there!

It is located in the business district in Shinjuku. I actually got lost for a bit finding my way there when I had some trouble riding the right train to get there but I eventually found my way!

It was actually near Halloween at the time when I visited the place during October so the whole cafe and store had decorations up for Halloween. They also had Finaly Fantasy music playing at the cafe which was very suiting for the Halloween mood too! 

Special drinks for Halloween

They also had this super cute Chocobo dessert thing served in a cup for their 1 year anniversary. I wanted to try it but it was quite expensive and I already had other food in mind that I wanted to try.

I ordered a Choboco drink and a Dragon Quest strawberry pancake. I really wanted to eat Cloud's parfait ice cream dessert but I wasn't feeling so well that day and my stomach was basically in pain every time I eat T___T so I opted out on eating too much junk food. Next time when I go back again I'll be sure to eat it!

Aside from Fantasy Fantasy merchandises, the place also sell things from Dragon Quest which is a really popular game in Japan. 

Cute Chocobo plushies. I got one for my brother. 

Cute Final Fantasy pin badge gacha (capsule) machine

There was also a designated section with CDs and headphones where you could simply listen and enjoy music from the soundtrack of the games.

And then right behind the music section is the entrance to the show room at the back of the cafe where they put figurines in these glass mirror shelves along with some of the most popular accessories worn by the characters from the game that you can buy. I bought a small Cloud and Rinoa figure. 

I really like the whole set up of how they put the figurine dolls inside these glass mirrors for display because it makes them look so nice when you take pictures of them. It certainly adds on a more "fantasy" look and vibe to it. 

But I have to say the most amazing part of the show room was this amazing and beautiful waterfall display which I could not stop taking a picture of!

It was sooooo pretty, even more pretty in person that it totally brings you into the world of "Final Fantasy"! 

I've also recorded a short video of the show room while I was inside. I only realized after I recorded the video and was watching the play back that I was moving way too fast in the video, should have slowed down more to record the details of everything. But I guess I was afraid someone would walk into the room and I would be blocking their way. XD

How to get to Artnia Square Enix: There are several ways you can get to the place but this is just the route I took.

1. Take the train on the Toei Oedo Line to Higashi-Shinjuku station
2. Take the A3 exit after you get off at Higashi-Shinjuku station
3. After you come out from A3 exit, there is only one direction which you can walk to which is towards your left.
4. Walk in the left direction and eventually you will come across a Lawson's (convenience store) and you will see this place in the picture below with an egg shaped water fountain thing.

5. Across the egg fountain you'll find these huge giant stairs like in the picture below

6. You walk up these stairs and then walk to the right side and you'll notice this little trail way and you just keep walking into the trail way and Artnia Square Enix is at the end of it. You won't miss it as the place is in white egg shape building and is the only thing you'll see when you reach the end of the trail way. 

For more information on directions and the address, visit their official website:

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