Sunday, May 27, 2012

Korean Food

Some pretty flowers that bloomed in front of my house. There is still one tiny one that hasn't bloomed yet.

Korean food that we ordered at Joon's in ktown. I forgot to write down what this was called before the waitress took away our menu so I don't know the name of this. Basically there's cabbage, octupus, chicken, shrimps, mussels, rice cake and cheese and we asked to get noodles too and the waitress specifically told us she will add it in for us "later". But later when the food has almost been cooked and ready and we asked her about the noodles and she said "it's too late to add it now". We were all so speechless when she said that and we didn't even know how to react. lol. So in the end, we ate the food without the noodles but we were still feeling kind of hungry after.

So for round two, we went to another Korean tofu restaurant and ordered this to eat afterwards, lol. What a strange night! I have never eaten at two different restaurants in one night before. XD

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kinto Ramen

This post is going to be all about food. I went out to eat quite a bit for the long weekend, so here are some food photos starting from the most recent one.

Wall display at the Kinton Ramen restaurant with these cute little gold piggies that remind me of piggy banks, how cute! lol.

Gyoza that otomodachi0409 kindly shared with me.

Shoyu ramen that I got for lunch. It was pretty good except I think the soup base was a bit too heavy.

Macarons that I bought from the bakery Nadege. My first time eating macarons and I tried 12 different flavours. I have to say, they taste very different from what I thought. Very sweet desserts and some of my macarons got squashed in the box on my way home. They were pretty expensive too. A box of 12 for $25.

Went out to eat dinner with some friends at Hue's Kitchen on Bloor and Yonge. We ordered a bunch of dishes and shared them. This was what I ordered. Grilled chicken paid Thai.

Butter chicken with some curry sauce. My friend ordered this, it was so good!

After dinner we all went for some bubble tea at Tea Shop 168. The bubble flavours we ordered end up being so colourful, lol.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

SASA Haul & New iPhone Case

I bought some beauty products from Sasa and just received my package last week.

Strawberry yogurt mask and black pearl mask from My Beauty Diary. I've already tried the strawberry yogurt before so I'm just replacing it because I finished my current box. I'm excited to try the black pearl mask though as it is their #1 top selling mask and I've read tons of great reviews about it. I think I might actually try the mask tonight, lol.

New black liquid eyeliner from Tsubasa Masuwaka's Dolly Wink line. I love the packaging, it's so cute! Tried this eyeliner the other day and it's pretty good. Glides on my eyelid really smooth and it doesn't smudge.

Had Pho (Vietnamese noodles) for lunch with a friend. Omg, I haven't had this for almost an entire year.

New panda iPhone case.
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