Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Personal: Pondering Thoughts

"I want to fly high above and be free like a bubble!"

Today I am taking a little break from all the fashion and beauty talk and talking a bit more about myself. Which is something that I rarely ever do nowadays. Yes, this is going to be one of those long writing posts so if you don't like to read wordy posts than you can feel free to skip this, lol.

As am I approaching the end of my work contract for my current job, I have to begin to look for my next new job. And because of this I wasn't able to sleep very well for the past few days because I have all these worries and thoughts in my mind like when will I find my next new job? How is the environment going to be? Will I be able to handle the work? How will the people there be at the new work place. Nice, fun, rude, judge mental, ignorant and competitive? All these questions fill up and occupy my mind all day while I am at work and at home. But in the end I think I'm just giving myself too much pressure (I always do) and over thinking. Things will eventually work out. I'm pretty sure I will adjust to my next new job pretty fast like I did with this one. It's just that I've been a little spoiled at this contract job with an awesome happy-go-lucky super friendly manager and some extremely nice, friendly, and fun coworkers at work. I am going to miss this place sooo much. I wish I could work here forever if I could. T_T It is very rare to be able to find a job nowadays in which you enjoy what you do and actually like what you're doing.

Which prompts me into thinking for the past few days about what do I really want to do in life? At one point of time I seem to be certain about what I want to do in life or at least I thought I had a direction or goal to work toward to. But it seems that I'm beginning to feel a bit lost and uncertain about my life again and I'm not quite sure if I will ever succeed to achieve the goals I have set for myself. I know eventually everything takes time and hard work with a little push of luck to get where I want to be. And I know that if I have made the attempt to start and actually try, at least I will have half of the hope as to none. Whether if I will regret it or not later on in life is a different story. But I know at least I've tried at one point in my life.

Okay, I am starting to sound very sentimental. I'm pretty sure it's the fact that I know I will be unemployed soon and I'm just feeling really insecure about it. I do have plans to go back to my old job in the meantime (just for the money sake) but I really hate my old job soooo much. (Which was the reason why I left it and I was hoping to never go back.) But it's the only job at the moment that would hire me immediately even if I hate going back there. *sigh* I've been applying to a ton of jobs this week though so hopefully I'll get some interviews before I leave for my New York trip or after I come back. I'm beginning to regret and think this New York trip wasn't the right thing to do now. Or perhaps it's the exact right thing for me to do now and what I really need. Get away for a couple of days in my own wonderland to free my mind from all my daily worries and come back to reality and fight again. =)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dolly Wink Cream Eye Shadow (Crystal)

Finally got this Dolly Wink cream eye shadow in crystal! I've been wanting to get this for a very long time but never got around to getting it. I also want to get the gold version as well.

Even the packaging is sooo pretty filled with gorgeous beautiful pictures of Tsubasa Masuwaka. This a cream eye shadow is used to highlight your eyelids and the under eye area close to your bottom lashes to brighten up your eyes with a "sparkly" glow effect. It is recommended to be used with the eye shadow palettes which I have purchased previously. I can't wait to try this eye shadow and hope that it'll brighten up my tired eyes that make me look like a zombie all the time! lol.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I'm Going To New York!

YES! I am going to New York.

I'm sooooo excited! I actually wasn't planning to go to New York so soon. I mean, I had plans in mind to go in the fall when I find a new job after this current one ends. Originally I was suppose to go on a family trip during labour day weekend in September but that got canceled because my mom is currently receiving EI and she wouldn't get paid if she goes on vacation. Then my friend asked me if I wanted to join her New York trip in August and since I'll be unemployed for awhile and have been working non-stop this whole summer, I thought I should treat myself to a well deserved trip! I am going from August 15-18th. 

Here are some of the places I want to visit during my New York trip.

TIMES SQUARE. Of course will b a must see and visit place!

I also want to visit this love sculpture located in the midtown of New York. This love sculpture has become a new icon sighting place for travelers! I've been seeing sooooo many pictures being posted on instagram and it makes me want to go too. 

Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge and Rockefeller are also the main sight seeing places in New York!

I also want to visit the TOYS R US store in Times Square and ride this ferris wheel!

And lastly I want to visit this Japanese supermarket called "Mitsuwa Marketplace" that is actually located in New Jersey. It is the LARGEST Japanese supermarket in the United States with 9 stores located in different cities. One of the main reason why I want to go there is they sell everything from Japan from food, home essentials, skincare products and makeup, books and magazines and just about everything! They also have a mall there with some Japanese stores that sell various unique things and it's just like as if you're in Japan! After doing some research online, there is actually a shuttle bus that I can take from Manhattan that will take me there and the bus ride is only 30 minutes! Ahhh...I can't wait to go. I'm gonna be buying LOADS of Japanese skincare and makeup products there. And maybe some sweets, candies and snack food too! =D

Some of the food and little restaurants that they have at the marketplace. *DROOLS* 

There is also a Kinokuniya bookstore and Shiseido store nearby the marketplace as well. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

YesStyle Shoes Haul & Review

Writing about my second YesStyle shoes haul and review. You can read about my first YesStyle shoes haul and review here

This time I'm featuring some of the more summery shoes in this review and haul since my first one was more of for fall and winter. I am soooo tempted to buy more shoes on the website at the moment because there are so many good sales on! Gahhh. But I think I've bought enough shoes in the past year already and I need to stop and prioritize and focus on what I really need to get. 

These are my newly purchased Romanian Greece sandals that I bought this summer. They are currently my favourite at the moment. I like how they go with pretty much anything that I wear and is quite easy to match outfits with. I've worn them out a few times already and have gotten so many compliments from people at work about them. I also like how it's got a little bit of heels at the back of the sandals and they are very comfortable to walk in! =)

These bow with a gold ribbon sandal flats are so cute and adorable! They're simple but yet cute and girly that they can be worn as everyday casual shoes. They are super comfortable to walk in. I just LOVE them! 

My first pair of wedge sandals! I got them in beige for easier matching. Love how tall these wedge sandals make me look and they also elongate my legs to make them look longer and skinnier! =)

Black fringe sandals. These are my ALL TIME FAVOURITE pair of sandals to wear for the summer. I wear them practically almost everyday. Love love love them so much.  It also come with these gold chains with a little small star at the end as special add on accessory pieces. 

These sandals are also one of my favourite that is a bit more fancy and dressy with some flare fabric and pearls attached at the top. Very girly and cute!

I've featured these white pumps in an outfit post before. I love how elegant and romantic sweet these shoes look. The ribbon bows at the back of the shoes add a very feminine touch. They are the perfect shoes for an evening date during the summer with a nice pretty white dress. It makes me feel like a princess or cinderella whenever I wear these pumps. They look so dreamy romantic like a fairytale. 

I've also featured this pair pink pumps in another outfit post. Every girl need a pair of pink pumps for those girly days and these are just perfect! 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Jdrama Review: SUMMER NUDE

Synopsis: Mikuriya Asahi works as a photographer for weddings and school events in a sea side town. Chiyohara Natsuki works at a famous Italian restaurant in Tokyo. On her wedding day, her husband-to-be jilts her, and as the photographer hired for the occasion, that is the first encounter between the two. A disillusioned Natsuki, decides to move to the same seaside town as Asahi, where she works as a cook at [Aoyama]. She befriends Taniyama Hanae, who has known been secretly in love with Asahi for 10 long years. Unfortunately for Hanae, Asahi only sees her as an old friend, and nothing more. Having found out about Hanae's love for Asahi, Natsuki encourages Hanae and gives her emotional support in trying to capture Asahi's heart. However, Asahi cannot forget his girlfriend Kasumi, who had suddenly disappeared 3 years ago. An unforgettable love that is held on fast in the heart. With the power of summer, the heart is stripped bare and starts afresh for all three of them

OMG. I was SUPER EXCITED for this drama. One reason being Yamapi in it of course but also because of the other three pretty actresses in the drama as well including Karina, Toda Erika and Nagasawa Masami. Three pretty girls all in one drama, ain't Yamapi a lucky guy or what? lol. The promotional poster already makes it seem so fun and refreshing for the summer. Oh man, this summer is going to be great! Just like how Buzzer Beat was back in 2009. =D

I didn't really pay much attention to what the drama or episode 1 was actually all about because I was too busy staring at how pretty Yamapi is in the drama and the beautiful scenery scenes in the drama. It was soooooo beautiful I got too distracted to actually pay attention to what the drama was all about. Fangirl problems, LOL! XD

The first episode starts with Asahi looking and staring at his girlfriend (Kasumi) who suddenly left him 3 years ago and he says "Ohaiyo" and smiles at her in agony. Oh man, I'd love to have Yamapi look at me with that pretty face and say "Good Morning!" to me everyday. 

Kasumi, Asahi's girlfriend. She's on a billboard advertising for a beer. Makes me wonder if she left him to become some kind of famous idol. I'd say that's pretty selfish of her if she did. -____-

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

YesStyle Purchases

Possibly my last order from YesStyle for summer clothes. I need to stop going on the site because the more I go on and look at the clothes, the more items I want to get and buy! It doesn't help that there are TONS of sales on at the moment hard to fight the temptation! AHHHHHH. But really I have enough clothes to last through the summer that will soon come to an end. I need to focus more on buying clothes for fall instead.

Got this really pretty and elegant flower print lace dress. Isn't it sooooo pretty and classic? Every girl needs a classic white dress and as well as a classic black dress. I really like the sheer design on the shoulder and the flower pendants attached on the collar makes it look so feminine and classy! It reminds me of something that you'd see people wear back in the 70's or 80's with like white lace gloves to match with them. It's such a timeless classic dress that will never go out of style. Perfect to have in your closet to wear for special occasions and events! 

Got this pretty thin sheer cardigan with embroidery designs on it. The sleeves remind me of the "princess sleeve" style that was popular in Japan a few years back. I like that it's super light so that you wouldn't feel hot even if you were wearing it over a dress or top. Perfect for layering for the hot summer! 

Got this birds print blue sweater with a detachable collar. This is actually an early fall item that I got. I first saw this sweater from blogger Tricia Gosingtian in which she wore in an outfit post and I have been obsessed over it ever since then. I was actually pretty excited when I found this on yesstyle. Can't wait to pair this with leather skirts in the fall/winter.


And lastly I got a pair of dark beige ankle boots with a cute bow at the back. I wasn't planning on getting any more new shoes but these were only $23 on sale!!! What a steal and I just couldn't resist not getting them. I don't have any boots in this particular style and it's too pretty and cute to not get and especially since it's on sale! =D There are actually a lot of shoes on sale on the site at the moment and there's quite a few I want to get as well but I think I'll wait for a bit until I find a new job for the fall. Don't want to be spending all my savings as I still have to save for my trip to Japan. 
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