Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Shopping: Cowboy Boots & Lace Dress

Updating with some stuff I bought because I finally got paid from work!! I got these two items on sale too so it makes me feel less guilty for going shopping. =P 

I got these brown cowboy boots on sale for $20 at Costa Blanca. I've been wanting to get boots in this style and colour in a very long time and they're just perfect to wear for the fall season! 

I was looking for a simple white lace dress and I found this on the sale rack at H&M FOR $10 ONLY! Can you believe that?!?! It was on sale for $20 (and it was originally $35 full price) but they were having this additional 50% off the reduced price. It was the last small size they have too. I must have been super lucky to find it!! This is like the cheapest dress I have ever bought too. Super happy! =D 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween House Decorations

Since Halloween is coming up I thought I would share some of the house decorations in my neighbourhood. I love street and neighbourhood. Every year on Halloween and Christmas the houses are always decorated so nice and festive!

What plans do you all have for Halloween? Going trick-or-treating or costume parties? 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ray October 2013 Fall Outfit Snaps

Sorry for not blogging in so long again. I have been meaning to make more blog posts but I cut my finger 2 weeks ago while cutting up potatoes for dinner one night and it was a pretty deep cut. I cut off a chunk of meat and skin from my middle finger on my left hand and I had to wrap it with bandages and apply polysporin until it is fully healed. I had to wash my face and hair with one hand too and I felt so disabled! >__< 

Another reason being is I recently started a part-time temporary job. Luckily my job doesn't require me to do much typing work on the computer otherwise I'd have felt even more disabled with my injured finger. Anyway, I have been itching to go shop for some new fall clothes but I haven't got paid from work yet and I'm currently too broke to buy anything. T_T I can't wait until I get paid so I can go shopping again! 

Sharing some outfits from Ray's October issue that I like because I need some fashion inspiration.

Of course Ray wouldn't be Ray if there isn't Karina in there. She totally owns this magazine!

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