Saturday, May 12, 2018

Cherry Blossoms At Shinjuku Gyoen Park

I visited Shinjuku Gyoen Park without expecting to see cherry blossoms there because I have expected they have all fallen off already. But to my surprise, there were these different kind of sakura that were in full bloom on the day of when I decided to go to Shinjuku Gyoen Park and I was so lucky and fortunate to be able to see them.

Although I have to say it was the worst weather to see them that day as well due to this huge wind storm in Tokyo. The wind was SO STRONG that it was blowing everything off the ground. There was also several times when the wind was blowing all the petals off the sakura trees creating this "raining sakura" view that you'd see in Japanese anime, dramas, and movies and it was such a beautiful and romantic view. If only the wind was not so strong and blowing everything at my face (including all the sand and dust on the ground) that I had to close my eyes each time to prevent becoming blind. (-___-")

However, I do like how these selfies turned out with the wind blowing and messing up my hair creating this messy but natural kind of candid shot portrait. 

This type of sakura is called "yae-zakura八重桜 a double-layer type of sakura which is famous for its beauty and strength and also has more than 5 petals that is different from the common pale pink Somei Yoshino that are much more delicate and has a shorter life span. Yae-zakura also bloom around mid April to late April as well. To be honest, I like these sakura more because they are soooooooo pink, soft and fluffy!! 🌸🌸🌸

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Namie Amuro H&M Spring & Summer Collection

H&M collaborated with Namie Amuro to release a special spring and summer collection of clothes to be sold in 81 stores nationwide in Japan and online as well as other places in Asia. When I was in Japan, I made sure to snap every advertisement I see of Namie Amuro as I'll probably never be able to see them again when she retires in September this year. Unfortunately, I left Japan 3 days before the release of the clothing line was available for purchase in store. But I was happy to be able to see the advertisement and snap a few pictures of them at the H&M in Harajuku. 

Promotional pictures of her wearing the clothes from the special collection. 

Advertisement posters and display that I saw at the H&M in Harajuku. I actually quite like the long blue floral dress. 

And if you purchase items from the special collection, you'll also receive a limited edition bag with Namie Amuro's picture on it. I wish I was still in Japan to purchase them in store! =( 

If you love Namie Amuro, be sure to check it out if you are traveling to Japan or visit the Japan H&M website for more details. 
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