Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Doraemon Museum: Fujiko F. Fujio Museum

This mark my 2nd time visiting the Doraemon Museum also known as the Fujiko F. Fujio Museum. I would be in Japan right now visiting for the 3rd time if the global pandemic didn't happen and I had to cancel my Japan trip. 

I will never get bored and tired of going to the Doraemon Museum. The second time around, I actually got to explore and see different things that I missed out on during my first visit.

You can read about my first visit to the Doraemon Museum on this post here and how to get there and purchase tickets.

Riding the Doraemon bus to the museum at Noborito station was always something I looked forward to because there are new buses every time. I never even noticed that there are cute foot prints of Doraemon's cat paws on the ground at the bus stop waiting area. How cute!

My absolute favourite one to ride is the blue Doraemon bus that has the cutest and best decorations! 

There are also other cute ones like this but I HIGHLY recommend waiting to ride the blue Doraemon theme one for the ultimate experience!

The bus drops you off directly at the front of the Doraemon Museum, but I highly recommend you to venture outside of the museum as there are hidden gems to be discovered, such as the river bridge across the museum that has Doraemon's head on the bars on each side of the bridge!

And if you cross the bridge to the other side from the museum, you'll even find these small Doraemon character plates on the bars. Such a cute touch! 

And this is the window display of things you'll find and see inside the museum which they change every so often. 

Cute display inside the museum at the People's Plaza on the first floor. 

When you enter the museum, you are given a ticket at random and the ticket also gives you entry to the movie theatre inside the museum. This is a collection of all the different entry tickets.

I was really lucky to get the Doraemon ticket which made me super happy!

Movie theatre where you get to watch a short Doraemon movie clip that is shown exclusively only at the museum.

On the 2nd floor of the outdoor area of the museum, you can find many cute characters and statues to take pictures with. It was raining on my first visit so I didn't get to explore as much but the weather was perfect on my 2nd visit this time. There was even a kid who was dressed up like Nobita and he's even holding a memory bread on his hand. Lots of visitors noticed and kept saying "Ah, Nobita!" So cute! 

And I finally got a satisfying picture with the big Doraemon statue and got to hug him too!

Don't forget to head down to the first floor where you'll find more cute and interesting Doraemon statues like this frightened stone Doraemon. If you are a true Doraemon fan then you would know which movie this is from.

There's also this statue of Doraemon shaking hand with the manga artist Fujiko. F. Fujio-san. I believe it was newly added as I didn't see it during my first visit. 

And of course eating at the cafe is a must! The menu changes about every 3-4 months with different things to try. They also give you a free coaster to take home as a souvenir. 

Because it was spring/sakura season when I visited, they even had this cute Doraemon with sakura at the counter of the cashier. 

I also got this cute mini taiyaki Doraemon with red beans as a snack.

The museum shop is a must visit before you leave and there's always so many new cute items that makes me wish I had money to buy everything!

They even have new Doraemon displays at the entrance to enter and exit Noborito station, so don't miss out to check it on your visit!

I also never noticed this cute Doraemon statue at Noborito station and I was so happy and glad when I came across it. 

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