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Jdrama Review: SUMMER NUDE

Synopsis: Mikuriya Asahi works as a photographer for weddings and school events in a sea side town. Chiyohara Natsuki works at a famous Italian restaurant in Tokyo. On her wedding day, her husband-to-be jilts her, and as the photographer hired for the occasion, that is the first encounter between the two. A disillusioned Natsuki, decides to move to the same seaside town as Asahi, where she works as a cook at [Aoyama]. She befriends Taniyama Hanae, who has known been secretly in love with Asahi for 10 long years. Unfortunately for Hanae, Asahi only sees her as an old friend, and nothing more. Having found out about Hanae's love for Asahi, Natsuki encourages Hanae and gives her emotional support in trying to capture Asahi's heart. However, Asahi cannot forget his girlfriend Kasumi, who had suddenly disappeared 3 years ago. An unforgettable love that is held on fast in the heart. With the power of summer, the heart is stripped bare and starts afresh for all three of them

OMG. I was SUPER EXCITED for this drama. One reason being Yamapi in it of course but also because of the other three pretty actresses in the drama as well including Karina, Toda Erika and Nagasawa Masami. Three pretty girls all in one drama, ain't Yamapi a lucky guy or what? lol. The promotional poster already makes it seem so fun and refreshing for the summer. Oh man, this summer is going to be great! Just like how Buzzer Beat was back in 2009. =D

I didn't really pay much attention to what the drama or episode 1 was actually all about because I was too busy staring at how pretty Yamapi is in the drama and the beautiful scenery scenes in the drama. It was soooooo beautiful I got too distracted to actually pay attention to what the drama was all about. Fangirl problems, LOL! XD

The first episode starts with Asahi looking and staring at his girlfriend (Kasumi) who suddenly left him 3 years ago and he says "Ohaiyo" and smiles at her in agony. Oh man, I'd love to have Yamapi look at me with that pretty face and say "Good Morning!" to me everyday. 

Kasumi, Asahi's girlfriend. She's on a billboard advertising for a beer. Makes me wonder if she left him to become some kind of famous idol. I'd say that's pretty selfish of her if she did. -____-

Asahi was hired to be Natsuki's cameraman for her wedding day. Karina actually looks really pretty in a wedding dress. 

The sad wedding that didn't quite last that long because soon after Natsuki's newly wed husband actually ditched her and ran off in a taxi. Poor Natsuki! I actually really like Karina's makeup for this wedding scene. Such a perfect natural make for a wedding. Sooo pretty! 

OK. This scene is pretty self explanatory of why I took screencaps of it. Hello Yamapi and that sexy naked body! I actually found this scene super cute with Toda Erika who is Asashi's old friend, Hanae in the drama. She has been secretly in love with Asahi for 10 years but Asahi doesn't know of her feelings for him. I kind of wish there will be a hint of romance between Yamapi and Erika. I think they could be quite cute together as a couple. Although realistically they seem to have more a of cute siblings vibe than as romantic lovers, lol. 

OKAY. I got to give credit to the screenwriter and director who directed this drama because omg, look at the beautiful cinematography! Every frame is like literally a painting. So romantic and dreamy that it's almost surreal, omg! 

And gosh, Yamapi is so so so SOOOO PRETTY!!! Even in the midst of dark. AHHHHHH. Those beautiful dreamy eyes. *____*

This wearing yukata and fireworks scene reminds me so much of Proposal Daisakusen. Ahhhhh, the nostalgic feelings. T_____T Ken and Rei were soooo perfect together. It's like as if we have traveled back in time or this is rather a much more grown up version of Ken x Rei. XD

Seriously what I mean by every frame is like a surreal painting. Would you look at that gorgeous view of the sunrise. Omg, such a breath taking beautiful view! I'd love to visit there in Japan! (Whever it is in Japan, lol) And oh man, that second screencap can totally be poster/photo frame worthy. SOOO PRETTY!!!! ♥_♥ The director for the drama really knows how to pick nice locations for filming. 

THIS SCENE. Omg, it's like as if Ken and Rei were on their honey moon after their wedding at the beach side drinking up some wine. How romantic and classy!!! It's like a fairytale. Seriously, can I marry the screenwriter for this drama?! Totally brilliant concept! The screenwriter is actually the same one from Proposal Daisakusen. Yamapi and Masami look like a prince and princess on a romantic date near by the sea. Sooooo romantic and dreamy! My kind of ideal date/honey moon. 

Natsuki starts to develop interest in Asahi because they have a common painful experience of having a loved one leave them unexpectedly. She writes him a message that says "You will find happiness" to encourage him. AWW, how sweet!

Asahi grabs a camera and takes a photo of it because he said the words will be gone/washed away by the water by tomorrow. Hahaha, I'd have totally done the same thing! XD

Because wet smiling Yamapi is totally adorable and sexy! Yamapi looks like his 15 year old self in this scene of Asahi and Natsuki having a water fight in the water. SOOO PRECIOUS AND YOUNG! 

And of course there needs to be a naked/topless scene involved when you're all wet. Yamapi looks a bit too skinny and unhealthy. I wish he would gain some weight! >___< 

Beautiful shot of the night sky and the almost invisible moon. 

Asahi stares at Kasumi's advertisement poster on the billboard as he says "Oyasumi" to her. His eyes actually look really sad! =( I thought this scene captures Asahi's painful and sad emotions really well as he looks at the advertisement of his girlfriend who left him without leaving a single a word. Poor guy! Who in the rightful mind would leave Yamapi anyway. Heck, if you don't want him I'd love to adopt and have him to myself! =P

And the episode ends yet again with Kasumi's billboard advertisement. If this was a real billboard and Masami was actually advertising for a beer then she gets quite a lot of promotion in this drama. I mean just how many times have we seen this billboard advertisement appear in the first episode?!?! Masami is getting a lot of on screen time with just a poster of herself too. It's like she doesn't even need to actually be in the drama to have a big role in it. She's basically getting a much bigger of a role by just appearing in a poster, lol! The repetitive shot of the billboard in the drama kind of reminds me of the one they used in Buzzer Beat with "Love Makes You Strong!" Buzzer Beat cross reference anyone? Lol. XD

Ending this post with the preview teaser commercial for the drama. It's sooo cute and refreshing with blowing bubbles. Watch if you haven't seen the drama yet!

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