Wednesday, November 27, 2013

YesStyle Purchases

Made two orders from YesStyle recently to use some of my coupons and to make good use of my gold elite club member status with 10% off discount before it expires. And I don't think I'll be buying clothes from the site again until summer 2014.

I wanted a more "holiday" sweater to wear for the holiday season and this black polkadots white sweater with gold sequins collar is just perfect!

I wanted to get a few winter skirts to wear because I absolutely dislike wearing pants now. Plus wearing pants actually don't keep my legs warm in the cold winter, especially jeans and my legs feel sooooo cold! This skirt is rather quite thick and it'll keep my legs warm paired with some cotton tights. I wear 2 layers of tights in the winter and they actually keep my legs much warmer than when I'm actually wearing pants. I like how the gold star studs accent on the skirt makes it more interesting and cute!

And lastly I got this houndstooth A-line skirt that will definitely keep me warm! Love how the style is so classic and chic!

Also YesStyle is having a CYBER MONDAY sale with 15% OFF + free shipping on all orders until December 2 for any one who is interested in buying from the site. Just enter the coupon code: cybermonday as instructed. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas Decorations

Getting into the holiday spirit with some Christmas decorations!

Also went out for dinner with family to celebrate my Dad's 60th birthday! 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Outfit: 3 Coordinates With One Black & White Tee

I have been meaning to get this post up on my blog but I was so busy for the last 2 weeks with job interviews that I never had time to actually finish writing it. This post has been sitting on my saved draft for the longest time and I kept postponing the post date and now it's finally ready to be published!

It has been so long since my last outfit post. I think the last one I did was back in June? I got so busy over the summer with other things that I didn't have time to do any outfit posts so I'm hoping to get back to doing more during the winter. 

And since my friend Stephanie wanted me to show how I'd pair some of my tattoo tights for an outfit in my tattoo tights collection, I put two outfits together with tattoo tights. But I decided to make it a bit more fun by showing you how you can create 3 different outfits with one simple basic white black stripe t-shirt. I often see these type of coordinates in Japanese fashion magazines where a key basic item is used to create several different outfits so I decided to give it a try too! I'm just using whatever I have in my closet to put some outfits together which is perfect when you're low on budget and can't afford to buy new clothes. This really goes to show you can do so much with just one simple basic key item! =)

I only realized this after I took the pic that I forgot to add my black shorts in the outfit layout. No, you cannot go without shorts in this outfit especially with those nude tights with everything showing, LOL! 

The first outfit is all about spikes! Spike boots and spike black sweater paired with gun tattoo tight = super dangerous outfit. This outfit makes me feel like a tough girl with a strong attitude like don't mess with me unless you want to die! XD

Second outfit I decided to be a bit more girly and playful. Still wearing the same white black stripe t-shirt but with a spike necklace and hat added and wedge sneakers! I would have added black suspenders too but I don't have any. This outfit would also look nice with a black jumper skirt that's really in for the fall season. 

For the third outfit I added a leather jacket and poker tattoo tights for a more sort of edgy rocker look. I changed my spike necklace into a headband which can also be used as a bracelet as well. Very versatile accessory piece that I found on ebay. Isn't it so awesome?

And at last the three different outfit looks in full body shot. I took all these pictures on different days so the lighting and quality is a bit off. Lighting is so important when I'm taking pictures with my iPhone. I hate when the lighting is off and my picture quality turns out all crappy but it can't be helped sometimes with the weather change. =(

I hope this inspire and give you ideas for creating different outfits with one simple key item. Which outfit look is your favourite? =)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

20% Off All My Beauty Diary Items On YesStyle

I was on the YesStyle site to check something and noticed they are having 20% off all My Beauty Diary items!! OMG I got excited and almost got tempted to buy more masks but I already have 4 boxes at home that I'm still trying to finish. I'm also currently on an online shopping ban because I still haven't found permanent full-time employment yet and I only get benefits from EI for not long. So I'm trying to save money and only buy things that I really need. 

But for anyone else who is interested, go shop away at and If you're unfamiliar with the brand My Beauty Diary then you can read about my review on their masks. 

I'm promoting this site so much on my blog that I really wish they could sponsor me to write reviews for them. It would be nice and I'm still hoping for that day to come! =D

On another note, I finally got upgraded to an elite club gold member status on the site. A few weeks ago YesStyle emailed me about this customer loyalty reward where I will receive 100 points for writing one review on an item I have purchased from the site. So I went and wrote a ton of reviews on the site and finally earned enough points to upgrade to gold member status where I get 10% discount and 4 $10 coupons!! I thought that was pretty awesome as I've never been on the gold member status before as you need to have over 1000 points and I only buy so little stuff from the site each year to earn that many points. Good to know I'm finally getting some kind of reward back for being a customer after so many years. I think I might take advantage of it and buy a few things before the year ends because my gold member status will also expire in January 2014. I'm currently thinking what I should buy though as I don't really have that much money to spend so maybe I'll only buy a few items. If only I won the lottery then I'd buy everything with my 10% discount on top of all the sale discounts too! XD
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