Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Japan Trip Planning

inserting a random picture of Japan because this post has too much writing and is lacking pictures, lol

I have been extremely busy with work working more hours than I usually do and it has just been tiring me out. I don't want to do anything else when I get home and when I'm finally off on the weekend, I have sooooo much cleaning and other chores to do (ironing clothes, reorganizing stuff, throwing things out, trip planning, researching, and the list goes on) One week I was even working 6 days straight with only 1 day off. And I did nothing on that day off but sleepppppp. 

So I apologize for the lack of updates as I probably won't be updating as often as usual for the next couple weeks until probably August when things are a little less hectic and crazy at work and life too. I just cannot handle nor do I have the energy to keep on blogging with the busy life that I am going through now. There are just so many priorities I need to set and things I need to focus on and blogging is not what I'd like to set as my top priority at the moment. 

Anyway, I'm still working on my Japan trip planning (which seems to be an endless task) because there's soooo much work involved. But then again this is probably one of the biggest trip I'll ever go on in my life, especially with it being my first trip to Japan. I'm hoping my second trip won't be as hectic as this as I would have already got some experience through my first trip of what Japan is like and all. Hopefully my second trip will go much more smoothly. 

I finally finished my travel booklet guide with all the information on how to get the places I want to go to. Took me forever to get it done but I am so glad it's done. Now that's one less thing to worry about on my list. The next thing I started working on was my "japan shopping list" I know Japan is like shopping paradise to most people and I will most likely want to buy EVERYTHING I see there because everything is just too kawaii cute to pass on. But I am not made out of money nor am I a rich millionaire so I need to set my priorities again. I split my shopping list into categories such as hair, makeup, skincare, shoes, clothes, bags, plushies + anime stuff, snacks and souvenirs, electronics and other miscellaneous stuff. I already know what I want to buy in terms of hair care, makeup and skincare products...which I think is what I'd be spending MOST of my money on. As much as I'd like to splurge on clothing in Japan, I think I will just try to spend the least amount of money on clothes. Yes, Japan has the best fashion when it comes to clothes but it is also really expensive! And to be honest, you can always buy clothes any time and anywhere you go. Things will go out of style, you get bored of the clothes and etc. I just don't think it's worth spending so much money on something that would not benefit me in the long run. So rather than just buying anything I find cute or pretty, I need to invest on buying unique and trendy items that I think I will not be able to get here in Canada and that I can wear again timelessly. Thank god there's also Forever 21 and H&M in Japan where if I ever feel like clothes at the shopping malls in Japan are way too expensive for my budget, I can always go to Forever 21 and H&M where things are less pricey and much more affordable. At least I hope the Forever 21 and H&M stores in Japan are priced the same as here in Canada. And then there's also the argument with what I want vs I want I need. There will always be a ton of things I want to buy but I don't really need them! I think keeping that kind of mentality is very important so I don't come back regret blowing all my money on clothes and unnecessary things.  

Another thing I thought of and came up with to help me budget is having 3 different wallets. I know if I keep all my money in one wallet, I'll easily blow all the money away on shopping and before I know it, I probably won't even have any money left for transportation and food! XD So I think it's better if I divide my money into 3 wallets so it's much easier for me to manage my money and ensure I have enough money for everything. For example one wallet strictly for shopping only, one for food and one for transportation and admission fare to places I'll be going to. I'm also setting a budget limit with how much I think I will be spending on each expense and as well as bringing some extra emergency cash with me just in case I go over budget in one expense and need more money. Always good to be safe and prepared than to panic right? lol

And then there's also so many other things I need to buy before I leave for Japan. Such as travel insurance and as well as some other essential things I think I'll need for my trip. Thinking about all this work and planning just gives me a headache! @_@ I'm actually glad I didn't choose to go to Japan earlier than I have planned to otherwise I don't think I'd be totally prepared for it. 
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