Tuesday, December 4, 2012

YesStyle Shoes Haul & Review

I decided to make a haul and review post on shoes that I have purchased from YesStyle just to give my readers some of my thoughts and opinions about buying shoes from them. First off, I want to make it clear that I am not affiliated with YesStyle in any way and I am not sponsored by them or paid to write this review. I bought everything with my own money and this is simply my unbiased opinion. I realized I've been buying quite a lot of shoes in the recent years. On average, I buy about 5 new pair of shoes a year. That might not sound like a lot to other people but that's a lot to me. lol. 

One of the reasons why I love purchasing shoes from YesStyle so much is they actually carry my size. I am a size 5 and my feet is only 20cm long. Yes, I have really small feet that are like baby size! It is extremely difficult for me to buy shoes here in Canada that fits me, especially for tighter wear shoes such as flats and pumps, I will never be able to find any that fits me in the stores available here. Another reason being is they have a large variety of styles to choose from and they're relatively cheap and affordable. When I say cheap, I mean you can get a pair of shoes for as low as $10 and under. Also, I tend to like Asian brand/style shoes more because they look way more nicer and cuter than all the plain boring designs from American brands we have here. 

Shoes #1: Fringe Cowboy Boots
I've always had a love for cowboy boots. These ones have fringes at the side and are just so adorable and cute! It also has a thin layer of wool inside the boots to keep you warm from the cold in the winter. They are also suitable to wear in the spring/summer as well and won't make you feel too hot wearing them. I love the braids pattern design around the top and bottom of the boots (which you can't really see clearly in the picture, it's hard to capture details of black objects in a photo) and the wooden short heels that give you a little height boost.  

Shoes #2: Heart-Buckle Strap Ankle Boots
This one is one of my absolute favourite. It has these two super cute heart-buckle strap that is removable to tie around the boots when you fold them down at ankle length. Or you can leave them how it is in the first picture. Isn't it just so neat and versatile? I love boots where you can transform them into different style and looks to match your outfits. It saves you money from having to buy another pair of shoes and avoid the trouble of having too many pairs of shoes as well. It's like a 2 in 1 kind of shoe and definitely worth buying and having.

Shoes #3: Black Gold Studs Ankle Straps Pumps
Every girl needs a classic pair of black pumps. These pumps are so classy and elegant looking that they're just perfect! The straps at the ankle is removable so you can wear the pumps without them. What I especially like about this pair of pumps is the gold studs on at the top of the heels and at the bottom on the front of the shoes. I think the gold studs adds a more sophisticated glamorous look to it and makes it look even more classy and elegant. 

Shoes #4: Mocassins 
Just a pair of very simple mocassins. I love these shoes! They fit me so perfectly and are super comfortable to wear. 

Shoes #5: Lace-Up Perforated Flats
I got these shoes in a size too big in size 6. I think it was because size 5 was sold out and I thought going up a size would be okay since it has laces and I can always tighten them by tying the shoes laces. However, they're still a bit loose on me but with socks on they're much tighter and won't slip off when I walk with them. These shoes reminded me so much of oxford shoes but a bit more casual and fun to wear. 

Shoes #6: Pink Fleece Laced-Up Boots
I cannot express how much I love these boots! I've always wanted a pair of pink boots and these are just too cute and adorable to resist. You can wear it half down with the fleece showing or folded up at full length. Another one of those very versatile boots that you can change up the looks. Absolutely in love with these boots at the moment and I've been wearing them out a lot and got so many compliments from people asking me where I got them. 

Variety of Styles: 9/10
Overall, I'd say YesStyle has a pretty large variety of styles of shoes to choose from. Everything from flats, pumps, boots, wedges, sandals, platforms and slip-ons. You can pretty much find everything. What I like most about their shoes is the unique designs that you can't find here in Canada. 

Overall Quality: 8/10
Truthfully speaking, I find most shoes that I've bought to be in pretty good quality. I have not purchased any shoes that has break on me on the first day of wearing them. The shoes that I have bought are pretty sturdy and last for quite a long time under proper care. However, I have bought 1 pair of shoes that did not match my standards. The shoes wasn't in "bad quality" but it wasn't the same of what was shown in the picture online and what I actually received. The material of the shoes was very different from what was shown at the website and it was the only one time I was disappointed in my purchase. However, if you ever do feel that the shoes don't quite match from what you have expected it to be. YesStyle does have a return and credit back policy where you could return the shoes back to them in original new unworn condition and they will not refund the amount you paid but give you a credit amount on your next purchase.

Overall comfort: 8/10
I think this really depends on the type of shoes you get, such as sandals, pumps, boots or flats. I'd say most of my boots and flats that I have bought are pretty comfortable to wear unless they have heels. But then again no heels are ever comfortable to wear no matter what brand. Some shoes might take longer to break in to actually feel comfortable in them while others are painless to begin with. Overall, I'd say the comfort of the shoes from YesStyle are pretty much in the high end.

Overall Price: 8/10
Like I've mentioned at the beginning of my post, prices are pretty affordable and cheap where you can buy shoes for as low as $10 and under. However, there are some pricier shoes on the site. I find most shoes from Korea are usually in the higher amount and I usually refrain from buying them unless they're on sale. And speaking of sale, YesStyle always have sales on and especially the end of season sales. So if you don't have a lot of money to spend or if you want to save money, I'd suggest buying shoes when they have end of season sales. 

Hope this post was helpful to you and enjoy your happy shopping experience! =)

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