Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Clutch Bag From Forever21

I did some more damage shopping earlier this week. Okay, I swear I'd not shop anymore after this (or at least try really hard not to) until Spring 2013! XD

Picked up a thin knit sweater from H&M on sale for $20 and a pretty flower lace peplum top with a zipper at the back for the spring. Also got a new white leather clutch bag with a gold chain from Forever21.

Can't wait to wear this lace top in spring! =D

SO IN LOVE WITH MY NEW CLUTCH BAG! I've been wanting to get a clutch bag like this for a really long time so I was happy when I found this. It's so classy and elegant looking and just the right size too. They also have this in a mint green colour as well but I like the white one more because it's easier to match outfits with. Now all I need to get is a classy black clutch bag and my life is complete! =)

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