Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dresses From Forever21

So while I was bored at work on Tuesday I was on the Canadian website for Forever 21 and found two dresses that I like and might consider getting. I'm going to check them out at the store on Friday after I get off work. ^___^ But you see, the things that I like seem to only come in one colour which is black and I want to get more brighter colour dresses for spring/summer. =( I actually just bought a black long maxi dress from Forver 21 two weeks ago, lol. The only reason I want to get these two dresses is because I don't have any in my closet that is in this style otherwise I'd have just pass on getting them. 

I love how this lace floral print dress has pockets! And actually the flowers print on the dress is pink so I guess it's not that black least there's some colour in it! XD 

And this cut-out waist rose print black dress is just so badass that I have to get it! I can pair these with my spikes ankle boots! Omg suddenly I am soooo excited for summer! =D And another great news is that there is a new Forever 21 store opening at the mall nearby my house. OMG YESSS!!! I'M SOOO EXCITED!! I'm going to be going to the store every week (or maybe even everyday? haha) now since the mall is only just a 10 minute walk from my house, LOL! XD

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Outfit: Collar Birds Print Blue Sweater

My first time wearing colour! Really, when is winter going to come to an end? I'm wearing this birds print blue sweater with a detachable collar that I bought from yesstyle in this post here. I paired it with a black leather skirt that I found on sale from Costa Blanca

I have been shopping around lately for some new spring clothes but can't seem to find anything that I like. Most stores still seem to be selling winter stuff which I'm trying to avoid because I'm so over winter already! I want some really cute and bright colourful pastel colours for spring clothes but a lot of stores seem to carry more black, white and greys. Where's all the pink, mint, purple and yellow?! At times like this is when I tend to want to go back to online shopping where I can find what I want to buy. However, I always talk myself out of it because by the time the clothes get here, I'd probably have no use for them anymore. So my only other solution is to wait and hopefully the stores here will offer something that catches my eye or suits my taste. But then again, not finding anything I like may be a good thing so I can save money and have more money for other things like food and going out! =D 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bloggers and YouTubers in Japan

I have decided to share a post to talk about some bloggers and youtubers in Japan that I have discovered and been following for quite awhile. I have been researching a lot on Japan lately to prepare myself for my Japan trip in October. I'm currently working on a "Japan Guide" booklet with info on some of the places I want to visit, how to get around Japan through trains and buses, shopping guide, food and etc. Having some resources available where you get to read and see what the places look like can be really helpful so you'd know what to expect when you get to Japan and you're not just a lost and clueless puppy trying to find your way, lol. I definitely don't want to be like that on my trip! =P

Japan Lover Me is a great and wonderful blog where you can find all things kawaii, cool and otaku in Japan. The blogger writes very great insightful detail posts with a lot of pictures of the places she has visited in Japan (mostly in Tokyo) and they just make you want to go there sooooo badly! I only just recently discovered this blog while I was doing some research on places I want to visit in Japan and this blog is just way too cute!

Universal Doll is a lovely blog that focuses on Japanese gyaru fashion, cosmetic reviews, hair trends, nail art, Japanese clothing brands, and some travel stories of cute and kawaii shops or restaurants in Japan. It's a great blog to follow if you love Japanese fashion.

Tokyo MoE Style is a really great youtube channel with videos about fashion shops, restaurants, cafes, etc all around Tokyo. Each video is very short (only about 2-3 minutes) but give you enough detail about the places. There is a tour guide in the video (Honda Mana) who is a model from the JELLY fashion magazine. The best thing about the videos on this channel is it has ENGLISH SUBTITLES so you can actually understand what is being said in the videos! Definitely a worth checking out channel if you love Japanese fashion and want to know where to shop for clothes in Japan. =)

Micaela who is a youtube vlogger that I have been following for quite a few years now was an exchange student who studied in Japan. She currently works in Japan now doing various jobs such as modeling, filming travelling videos for Japanese TV, etc. She lives in the city of Fukuoka and often makes videos about the city which seem to be a very nice city in Japan with sunny beaches. She's also Canadian originally from Alberta! She makes videos in both English and Japanese. What I like most about her videos is that they always look so fun and laid back and she's got a great sense of humour too. I'm super envious of her adventurous life in Japan! 

Sharla in Japan is another youtube vlogger who makes videos about her life adventures in Japan. She is also a Canadian exchange student in Japan. From what I've seen from her videos, she lives in Tokyo and mostly vlog about places within Tokyo. She does various videos ranging from how she became an exchange student in Japan, how she studied Japanese and as well as doing reviews on different Japanese food and snacks. I only recently discovered her channel and she seems to be a very fun person to watch so I subscribed to her. Definitely subscribe to her videos if you love Japanese food as she most of her videos are usually about food, lol. XD

What bloggers or youtubers are you following that are in Japan? Comment below and let me know! =) 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

ViVi April 2014 Spring Outfits

It's been a long awhile since I last posted any magazine scans. I'm in desperate need for some outfits inspiration for spring so I decided to download the latest April issue of ViVi. This is going to be the #1 thing to do when I go to Japan in October. Go to a convenience store and buy all my favourite Japanese fashion magazines as a guide of what to buy so I can stay on top of the latest fashion trends and styles in Japan. Can't wait until I finally get to shop in Japan! =D 

That is Ayumi Hamasaki on the cover. Didn't even recognize her...she somehow looks much younger, lol! 

The April issue seem to focus more on sports wear and brands. Lena Fujii can pull off any look so well!

Off shoulder tops are still the major trend for spring/summer. I have been trying soooo hard to find some nice and cute off shoulder tops when I go shopping but always fail to find them in the stores here. =( 

I'm soooo excited for spring even though spring usually doesn't last long here in Canada but that doesn't stop me from wanting to shop for new spring clothes! =P 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Shopping: New Bag, Boots & Rings

I was feeling so sick yesterday it was like I was hit with a sudden flu. My body was soooo sore and my head was hurting so bad and I was feeling sooo sleepy and tired that I actually took a 2 hour nap on my bed. (。´✚ฺω✚ฺ`。) I rarely ever take naps even when I am sick but yesterday I was just feeling really horrible. My body felt so weak that I could barely move! Maybe it's because I have been working 5 days a week and my body was just drained out. I'm working 5 days again this coming week (I'm only suppose to work 4 days) but it's been busy at work and I haven't been getting the rest I need. I wish I could go back to working 4 days again because it just feels nice to have a day off to relax and do nothing. m(_ _;;m

Anyway, since I wasn't feeling well this weekend I didn't have time to get much blogging work done as I have planned to do. So instead I compiled some photos of things I bought recently in the past month. 

I bought this new bag for work from Aldo Accessories because the current one I was using was getting old and worn out. Doesn't it look so classy, elegant, sophisticated and business-like? I got a lot of compliments from my co-workers at work asking me where I bought my bag. I really like how classic and stylish it looks and how it's big enough to carry all the things I need to bring to work. 

I have been really into rings lately that I bought some really cute and pretty ones to wear for the spring and summer. The last two that I got are actually those "knuckle rings" or midi rings that don't go all the way down to your fingers but instead they fit mid-way to where your knuckles are. I've been seeing them a lot on other blogs and on instagram that I wanted to get some for myself. Can't wait to wear them out when the weather gets warmer! 

I picked up this cute pink rose statement necklace when I had some credit value left when I went to exchange a skirt for a different size and bought this necklace for $5 only! =)

And then I bought these boots which I actually have an exact same one but in a different colour in this post here. I was actually shopping around for some "light coloured" boots to wear for the spring and these were for on sale for $15 only! OMG it was sooo cheap I couldn't resist not buying them, lol. =P

Lastly I bought a cute Totoro cushion just because he's soooo cute! There are two sides to him, one awake and one sleeping. ISN'T IT SO CUTE?! Now all I am missing is the middle blue totoro and the small white one and I will have a complete family. I think I'm going to buy the blue and white one when I go to Japan! 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Review: Aromatherapy Humidifier

Today I am doing a review on a new aromatherapy humidifier that I have bought and received about a little over a month ago. I have been using this humidifier and loving it so far! If you live in a dry climate place like Canada where winter is much longer than any other seasons during the year then you might want to invest in getting one of these. When the weather is cold outside and you are stuck indoors with the heat on all the time then it can often make your skin dry out. With a humidifier you can lighten up the dry air in your room with some cool mist to help refresh and hydrate your skin! (“⌒∇⌒”)

Specifications about the humidifier:

  • original colour is white
  • led light transform into multiple colours
  • can set light to transform into multiple colours all at once
  • set led light to one specific colour only
  • option to choose to turn light on (but no colour) or turn light/colour off completely
  • high and low speed for mist
  • can set to have mist on for 60, 120, or 180 minutes or have it on fully until water runs out
  • auto shut off when water level is low
  • can rotate 360 degree to have mist come out from all directions
  • high capacity water tank level up to 500ml

  • blows mist out quietly
  • blows mist for 8 hours long when set on high
  • blows mist for up to 10 hours long when set on low
  • can add essential oil to water for "aromatherapy" to help relax and sleep better
  • improve skin condition to look more refreshed, hydrated and radiant
  • makes the area in your room much "cooler" and reduces feeling of dryness or hotness from the heat

  • honestly I feel like my skin condition has gotten better ever since I started using this
  • I even sleep better when I turn it on right before I sleep as it really helps me to relax
  • Sometimes the mist can get too steamy when it is set on high and I have difficulty breathing with it blowing directly at my face so I'd suggest starting off the mist with high speed and then switch it to low when you're about to fall asleep
  • works amazing and I only need to fill the tank with water every other day

Honestly this is the best beauty investment that I have bought in my life! I just hope it doesn't break on me or I will cry. o(╥﹏╥)o You can get this humidifier from eBay or amazon if you are interested. I got mine from eBay! =)

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