Sunday, March 9, 2014

Shopping: New Bag, Boots & Rings

I was feeling so sick yesterday it was like I was hit with a sudden flu. My body was soooo sore and my head was hurting so bad and I was feeling sooo sleepy and tired that I actually took a 2 hour nap on my bed. (。´✚ฺω✚ฺ`。) I rarely ever take naps even when I am sick but yesterday I was just feeling really horrible. My body felt so weak that I could barely move! Maybe it's because I have been working 5 days a week and my body was just drained out. I'm working 5 days again this coming week (I'm only suppose to work 4 days) but it's been busy at work and I haven't been getting the rest I need. I wish I could go back to working 4 days again because it just feels nice to have a day off to relax and do nothing. m(_ _;;m

Anyway, since I wasn't feeling well this weekend I didn't have time to get much blogging work done as I have planned to do. So instead I compiled some photos of things I bought recently in the past month. 

I bought this new bag for work from Aldo Accessories because the current one I was using was getting old and worn out. Doesn't it look so classy, elegant, sophisticated and business-like? I got a lot of compliments from my co-workers at work asking me where I bought my bag. I really like how classic and stylish it looks and how it's big enough to carry all the things I need to bring to work. 

I have been really into rings lately that I bought some really cute and pretty ones to wear for the spring and summer. The last two that I got are actually those "knuckle rings" or midi rings that don't go all the way down to your fingers but instead they fit mid-way to where your knuckles are. I've been seeing them a lot on other blogs and on instagram that I wanted to get some for myself. Can't wait to wear them out when the weather gets warmer! 

I picked up this cute pink rose statement necklace when I had some credit value left when I went to exchange a skirt for a different size and bought this necklace for $5 only! =)

And then I bought these boots which I actually have an exact same one but in a different colour in this post here. I was actually shopping around for some "light coloured" boots to wear for the spring and these were for on sale for $15 only! OMG it was sooo cheap I couldn't resist not buying them, lol. =P

Lastly I bought a cute Totoro cushion just because he's soooo cute! There are two sides to him, one awake and one sleeping. ISN'T IT SO CUTE?! Now all I am missing is the middle blue totoro and the small white one and I will have a complete family. I think I'm going to buy the blue and white one when I go to Japan! 

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