Sunday, March 23, 2014

Outfit: Collar Birds Print Blue Sweater

My first time wearing colour! Really, when is winter going to come to an end? I'm wearing this birds print blue sweater with a detachable collar that I bought from yesstyle in this post here. I paired it with a black leather skirt that I found on sale from Costa Blanca

I have been shopping around lately for some new spring clothes but can't seem to find anything that I like. Most stores still seem to be selling winter stuff which I'm trying to avoid because I'm so over winter already! I want some really cute and bright colourful pastel colours for spring clothes but a lot of stores seem to carry more black, white and greys. Where's all the pink, mint, purple and yellow?! At times like this is when I tend to want to go back to online shopping where I can find what I want to buy. However, I always talk myself out of it because by the time the clothes get here, I'd probably have no use for them anymore. So my only other solution is to wait and hopefully the stores here will offer something that catches my eye or suits my taste. But then again, not finding anything I like may be a good thing so I can save money and have more money for other things like food and going out! =D 

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