Thursday, June 30, 2016

Snacks from Japan

As promised, I'm back with another Japan post on some snacks that I got and brought back with me. I didn't get to buy as much this time because I didn't have enough luggage space to store them in. Well, I actually still had a lot of storage space left in my check in luggage but I did not want to put them in there as I don't want any of my chocolates and cookies to crush into pieces by the time I get back to Canada. Next time I should just ship them all back to myself like I did last time, lol. 

White Lovers chocolate cookies that I got from the White Lovers Chocolate Factory in Sapporo! Ah, I wish I had bought more boxes of these! I like the milk coconut flavour more than the chocolate. And apparently you can actually buy these at the Narita/Haneda airport too so you don't really need to go all the way out to the White Lovers Chocolate Factory in Hokkaido to get them. But you should still visit the chocolate factory anyway! It is soooo amazing, I want to be back there again! 

More chocolates from the White Lovers Chocolate Factory. I like the Matcha flavour more than the Sakura. The Sakura tasted kind of weird. But you can't go wrong with anything Matcha flavour for sure!

DORAEMON CHOCOLATES from the Doraemon Waku Waku Sky Park Gift Shop at the New Chitose airport in Hokkaido. I actually haven't eaten them yet so I don't know what they taste like. I'll come back and edit this post later with more pictures when I actually open the box and eat them, lol. =P

And lastly I picked this up last minute at the airport. It wasn't for me but a souvenir bought for my brother. Plum flavoured sake. It has 18% alcohol in it. I drank a bit of it and it freaking burns your throat!!! So strong!!! 

I'm soooo hungry looking at these pictures now. I wish I had bought more Calbee fries and some Calbee chips home. T____T 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Home Decor: Dresser Table

A short post on some home decor and my dresser table. I bought a really nice and vintage style jar from the dollar store along with some pink and white flowers to add as a decoration for my dresser table. I have thought about buying real flowers (for the summer) to put on top of my dresser table but they will die fast and it would be costly for me to keep buying fresh new flowers. So I decided to get fake ones that would last me longer instead.

And the last picture is a collection of some home decor stuff I have bought from places I have traveled to. They're mostly things that I have bought from Japan but I hope to collect more things from all over the world as I travel to different countries. 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Food and Drink Adventures in Japan

Another food and drink adventures blog post from Japan. I think I will make one every time I travel there, lol. 

Onigiri and sandwiches are basically my everyday breakfast in Japan.

And of course gotta buy my all time favourite Afternoon Red Milk Tea. LOVE THIS TEA! 

When you are running on no sleep on vacation in Japan. This Starubcks Matcha tea latte will make you more energized and awake. I drink one like almost everyday, lol. 

I was at this Starubcks near Shibuya and I was soooo thirsty. So I decided to try this new melon flavour frappuccino which looked interesting and new. It actually taste OK, not bad I would say. 

And when in Hokkaido. You must try their milk because it is what Hokkaido is best known for. Hokkaido has the best milk in Japan! 

I had more food than this of course but I failed to take pictures of every meal I had like always. Sometimes I was too hungry to eat that I skip the whole picture taking thing. Because sometimes feeding your stomach is more important than snapping pictures of what you eat, lol. 

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Happy Birthday To Me!

I'm back logging this post because I didn't have time to post it in time. It was my birthday last week and I was soooooo busy during the weekend of my birthday that I didn't even get to celebrate it. I spend my birthday cleaning and organizing stuff such as clearing out my closet and changing the clothes in there. Because I still had all my winter/spring clothes in there before I left for Japan and then when I came back, the weather was crazy hot that I was totally unprepared for it. Therefore, I needed time to get my life organized again. I swear, when my closet isn't organized I just feel like my life is a complete mess

So rather than celebrating my birthday (which would have been great given if I had time to do so) I'd much rather stay home and get my life organized and back to normal again. 

But despite not celebrating, I did spoil myself in buying some birthday gifts for myself! =D

For my birthday this year, I really wanted to get myself a really nice hand bag with a shoulder strap where you can either hand hold it or wear on your shoulder. I don't have any bags in this particular style and I have been wanting one for a really long time. But instead of buying one bag I actually got 2! XD

The first bag I got is this black one from Aldo. I wanted to get a black and stylish one because it'd be easy to mix and match with my outfits. Plus I love how spacious the bag is that I can fit in all the necessary things that I need to carry in the bag. Not to mention how there are sooo many different compartment storage space that I can neatly organize and put all my things in place so it is easy to find. When it comes to bags, I like ones that come with a lot of storage space for you to separate things in your bag so that you can easily find what you need such as your keys, phone, napkins, etc. 

The second one I got is this pink, grey and white one from GUESS. I got it because I simply LOVE the design, colours and the style. It is so chic and it reminds me of a Prada bag. Which I would never have money to buy myself an actual Prada bag. Not that I'd ever need to buy one. This bag was just the perfect one for me! (♥_♥)

Aside from getting 2 new bags. I also got myself a new wallet. I wanted a bigger wallet that has more storage space and easier for me to separate my bills as well as all the cards that I carry. I love the simple yet feminine and chic design of this wallet. 

And now you must be wondering how do I get money to buy all these things when I just got back from a big vacation in Japan? Yes, no doubt I am broke from my Japan trip and I am still paying off my credit card at the moment. The reason why I was able to afford all this was because I had gift cards given by my friends for Christmas from 1-2 years ago that I still haven't used it. I needed to use them or else they'd expire soon and what's better than using them to buy myself things when my birthday is coming up? Best excuse ever to spoil and buy myself some nice birthday gifts! =P 

I used a Sephora gift card that a friend gave me to buy this eye serum because I am getting old and need to do everything to prevent those fine lines and wrinkles that come with aging. Must do everything I can to prevent aging and staying beautiful and young forever, lol. A friend recommended me to use it because she uses it so I decided to give it a try. 

And lastly I didn't buy this myself but a friend actually bought it for me and shipped it to my house. She's so sweet! I can't wait to start recording with this snowball microphone! =D
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