Thursday, June 9, 2016

Food and Drink Adventures in Japan

Another food and drink adventures blog post from Japan. I think I will make one every time I travel there, lol. 

Onigiri and sandwiches are basically my everyday breakfast in Japan.

And of course gotta buy my all time favourite Afternoon Red Milk Tea. LOVE THIS TEA! 

When you are running on no sleep on vacation in Japan. This Starubcks Matcha tea latte will make you more energized and awake. I drink one like almost everyday, lol. 

I was at this Starubcks near Shibuya and I was soooo thirsty. So I decided to try this new melon flavour frappuccino which looked interesting and new. It actually taste OK, not bad I would say. 

And when in Hokkaido. You must try their milk because it is what Hokkaido is best known for. Hokkaido has the best milk in Japan! 

I had more food than this of course but I failed to take pictures of every meal I had like always. Sometimes I was too hungry to eat that I skip the whole picture taking thing. Because sometimes feeding your stomach is more important than snapping pictures of what you eat, lol. 

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