Friday, November 30, 2012

YesStyle Purchases

I haven't been actively updating my blog for the past few days and I apologize for that. Usually I would write a few posts and schedule them to be posted throughout the week to keep my blog active. But last weekend I was busy going out with family and friends and this week I was really busy with work and life that I have no time to sit down and make a blog post. I'm starting to feel kind of sick too, so I've been going to bed early to avoid catching a cold. Also, the weather's been getting cold lately and everyone around me is sick. *must bundle up and stay away from people* lol. 

Anyway, I made a few purchases from YesStyle a couple weeks ago and now I'm just waiting for them to be shipped out to me. =D

A simple furry minidress for lazy days when I don't want to think about what to wear. Just put on the dress and throw some boots on and you're ready to go. No effort needed and you can still look cute and girly. =) 

I've been wanting to get something like this for the longest time! But everytime I see something similar at a store, they never have my size or it's sold out! 

I got this to wear for spring actually. I'm always shopping a season ahead, lol. Love the scalloped-hem pattern at the bottom of the skirt and the bow belt is such a cute add on.

Got these to wear for the spring as well. Nude tights are really in trend now. I practically see them everywhere on tumblr and in Japanese magazines. I'd love to pair these with some leather skirts! 

Got these super cute and adorable white pumps with a ribbon at the back. I bought a white dress sometime ago but I don't have any shoes to match with them and these pumps are just perfect! Love the ribbon detail at the back of the shoes, isn't it just so cute?! They kind of remind me a bit of the shoes from Cinderella except that it's not glass or some pretty and cute shoes from the fairy tales. XD

Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Friday Weekend

I know I've been posting a lot of magazine scans for my last 3 posts. Life and work has been keeping me busy so this post will be more of a "life happenings" post on what I've been doing. 

Headed out to the mall on Black Friday with some friends to shop around. I didn't end up buying anything that day though. I tend to always avoid shopping on days like this where the mall is crowded with people. Also, there weren't any good sales on anyway.

Changing lights christmas tree in Eaton Centre. It looks they got rid of the Swarovski crystal tree this year and got this new glass light tree that changes into different colours.

This picture was taken a week or two ago at Scarborough Town Centre. Christmas decorations are up at all the malls and it's making me so excited! This world globe decoration has these pretty yellow lights and stars hanging down. I'm not sure how it relates to christmas though, maybe it's suppose to represent how christmas is celebrated globally all around the world? lol.

Drinking coffee at Starbucks and talking with friends. Believe it or not but this is actually my first time drinking the holiday coffee drinks from Starbucks. I am not much of a coffee drinker, I'm more more of a tea person. I got the caramel brulee latte. 

Got these custard cream soft cakes from Fresco last week as a snack to bring to work. I always need to bring snacks with me to work because I have really fast metabolism and I get hungry every 2-3 hours. This was only $2.59 for a box of 12. It has no preservatives, no MSG and no artificial colours so it's a pretty healthy snack! I eat this along with a banana and lychee jelly that I bring to work. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Japanese Makeup And Skincare from Popteen

Came across these pages from the Popteen December issue on make up and skincare products that I particularly like.

Dolly Wink eye shadows by Tsubasa Masuwaka. I cannot express my love for makeup products from this brand line. Everything that I have used from brand has not failed to make me satisfied and not to mention the super cute packaging that it comes with makes it even harder to resist not buying them. And the fact that Tsubasa makes everything look so cute and dolly just makes you want to buy all their products, or I am just an easily deceived person who blindly believe and buy everything advertised in magazines, lol. This eye shadow is very easy and simple to use that it is perfect for an amateur person like me who doesn't know much about makeup and who doesn't wear makeup all that often. I also like how this eye shadow is very light and natural for the sweet dolly look. When it comes to makeup, I tend to prefer lighter and more natural looks rather than the edgy dark smokey eyes look. 

Ranking of the most top rated best Japanese makeup and skincare products for the year of 2012. I love looking at pages like these in magazines because it helps to guide me on which product I should use or try out when I finish using the current ones that I am using. When it comes to skincare, I always like to try new products although I do reuse the same product for certain ones that I particularly like. I'm currently using the blue Shiseido perfect whip foam cleanser that is ranked #3 for best cleanser. I've been using it for quite some time now and it cleans my face quite well. I also tend to be more biased towards Japanese skincare products as I only buy Japanese skincare products because I honestly think Japanese people have the most beautiful skin ever. And somehow I just believe they work better on my Asian skin as oppose to other brands from other countries. It's the same with makeup where I tend to only particularly like using Japanese brand makeup more than the American drug store brands here or even from Sephora. I guess it can't be helped that Japan does have and make the best products in the world, lol.   

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Popteen Hair Inspos

I was going through some hair scans in Popteen and came across some really cute hair styles that I want to try out. 

But firstly I'd need to get a new hair cut and get some bangs for these hair styles. I'm a bit unwilling to cut my hair and have bangs though as I have not had bangs ever since I was 13 years old. I don't know. I've had bangs pretty much all my life up until I was in grade 7 when I finally decided to grow them out. Also, having bangs was not that popular at the time and everyone around me had really long hair with no bangs and they all looked so pretty. I wanted to be pretty like them and I guess I was getting really sick and tired of having bangs almost half my life and I've never had bangs ever since. 

However, my thoughts on bangs seem to have changed in the recent years due the influence of Japanese magazines and tumblr. I'm starting to think maybe having bangs isn't so bad after all and is considering of going back to having bangs again. But I'm afraid that having bangs again would make me look even younger than my actual age. I have people tell me I still look like a teenager when I'm well over that age and sometimes I even get asked to show I.D. when I go out drinking with friends and when I go buy the lottery ticket. (Which you have to be over 18 here in Canada to buy the lottery) It is not fun and rather embarrassing when people have doubts about your age because you look way too young. Although some people tell me I should take it as a compliment for looking younger than my age, lol.

Came across this scan of Kumicky with side sweep bangs that I am considering of getting my hair cut like that. I like that it isn't a "straight bangs" cut which is what I've had half my life and I could always brush my bangs to the side for days when I don't want to have bangs. And because I am afraid the straight bangs cut will make me look two times younger than my age and it's a bit too cute for my liking.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Leather Jackets and Skirts

I'm falling into a new craze for leather jackets and skirts. I keep seeing them everywhere in Forever21. Leather jackets, skirts, leggings and pants and now I see them all over Japanese fashion magazines. I can't help myself from refraining to buy some leather skirts, jackets and maybe even some leather pants. I also think it has some influence from blogger Tricia Gosingtian as well, as she always seem to be wearing leather skirts with knit tops and graphic tees. It's like her signature outwear of all time. 

I saw so many different styles of leather jackets at Forever21 earlier this week but I couldn't decide which style I want to get. But after going through some scans from Popteen and Seventeen, I think I know which style to get now. Although I don't think I could wear these outfits during the winter here in Canada. I mean who am I kidding, who would wear outfits like these when it's like -10 or -20 degrees celsius outside?! It's only in Japan where you'd see people rocking such cute kawaii outfits like these in the freezing cold weather. That's something I really admire about Japanese people and their love for fashion. It does not matter what the weather is outside, hot or cold, it won't stop them from dressing and looking cute. I sadly could not make such sacrifices for fashion even if I do love fashion with all my heart. I'd still really rather dress warm and stay cozy! XD But I think these cute outfits would be wearable for warmer weather comes close to March and April during the spring here in Toronto. Winter isn't even over yet and I'm already thinking about what to wear for spring. Talk about thinking about fashion a season ahead, lol. It'd be nice to pair a leather jacket with some pretty and cute onepiece floral/pattern dresses for spring. Oh, I can't wait for spring to come again!

Some inspiration outfits that I collected from the magazine Popteen and Seventeen in the December 2012 issue. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

New Hair Accessories From Forever21

Got some new hair accessories from Forever21 this week. I feel like I've been buying the whole entire store with my frequent purchases from Forever21 lately, lol. I keep finding myself back at the store every now and then to look for more things to buy. But really it's just because there's a Forever21 at a mall nearby my workplace and I'm always there when I have a bit of "spare time" to kill. 

Got all these 3 pieces on sale for $0.99 and $1.99. Super cheap and sweet deal! 

Got this really cute white black polka dots headband. I love these! I see them everywhere on tumblr from all these Korean fashion blogs that I follow. They kind of remind me of the long usagi wired headband that were really popular in Japan a few years ago. Except these ones have a shorter wired "bunny ears" on the headband and they also look a lot cuter. It was on sale for $1.99 and it was also the last one on the rack so I had to grab it fast before someone else buys it. 

A simple sweet and elegant lace bow hair tie I got for $0.99! Just thought this would be a great hair piece to match with my lace dresses to add a sweeter and cuter look to my whole outfit. 

And lastly got a pretty and cute flower hair clip for $1.99. Another sweet and cute accessory to match my outfits with on days when I feel like I want to look extra girly and cute. Can't wait to wear this in spring since it's winter now and it's a bit too cold to be wearing such summery floral hair accessories. 
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