Friday, November 16, 2012

New Hair Accessories From Forever21

Got some new hair accessories from Forever21 this week. I feel like I've been buying the whole entire store with my frequent purchases from Forever21 lately, lol. I keep finding myself back at the store every now and then to look for more things to buy. But really it's just because there's a Forever21 at a mall nearby my workplace and I'm always there when I have a bit of "spare time" to kill. 

Got all these 3 pieces on sale for $0.99 and $1.99. Super cheap and sweet deal! 

Got this really cute white black polka dots headband. I love these! I see them everywhere on tumblr from all these Korean fashion blogs that I follow. They kind of remind me of the long usagi wired headband that were really popular in Japan a few years ago. Except these ones have a shorter wired "bunny ears" on the headband and they also look a lot cuter. It was on sale for $1.99 and it was also the last one on the rack so I had to grab it fast before someone else buys it. 

A simple sweet and elegant lace bow hair tie I got for $0.99! Just thought this would be a great hair piece to match with my lace dresses to add a sweeter and cuter look to my whole outfit. 

And lastly got a pretty and cute flower hair clip for $1.99. Another sweet and cute accessory to match my outfits with on days when I feel like I want to look extra girly and cute. Can't wait to wear this in spring since it's winter now and it's a bit too cold to be wearing such summery floral hair accessories. 

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