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Fall Japanese Dramas 2012

Reviewing some new Japanese dramas that I am currently watching for the fall season. It's been a while since I last reviewed a Japanese drama. I can't remember when was the last time I wrote a review for a Japanese drama, it has probably been years ago. 

Anyway, some time ago I also seem to have lost interest in watching Japanese dramas as well. I tried watching things here and there between different seasons and nothing really caught my interest to finish watching the entire drama. I always give up after a few episodes due to the lack of interest and it just bores me. Some dramas I tried to watch in the past seasons were Legal High, Lucky Seven, Zenkai Girl, Papa wa Idol and the recent summer drama Rich man poor woman which was supposedly one of the best rated dramas for the summer? I don't know. I watched an episode and couldn't even get myself into the drama and eventually gave up on it. Maybe I'll go back to watch it again sometime when I am bored and have no other new dramas to watch. I did watch one summer drama that was rather relaxing and enjoyable to watch though. I will do a separate review for that later on. 

But this fall season's drama has finally revived my love for Japanese dramas! Oh where do we start with this fall season's dramas. There are so many that I am interested in watching including MONSTERS, Akumu-chanOsozaki no Himawari, PRICELESS. I haven't had a chance to watch the ladder 2 yet because I've been quite busy and I am biased towards MONSTERS and Akumu-chan for obvious reasons, lol. 

Synopsis from dramacrazy.net: Hiratsuka Heihachi (Katori Shingo)is loud and impolite, but always smiles. He is a strange detective. Unlike Hiratsuka, Saionji Kosuke (Yamashita Tomohisa) is the heir of a wealthy family. He is full of justice, naive and honest almost to a fault. Saionji Kosuke is then designated to the #1 investigation team, which he has always admired. Unfortunately, his job is to watch over Hiratsuka Heihachi. Up to this point, Hiratsuka Heihachi has been the sole member of his team, but he manages to solve all of his cases one by one. Other detectives are curious about his methods, some even think he may have some mystic powers. This is the primary reason why Saionji is tasked to watch over Hiratsuka. The real reason Hiratsuka is able to solve so many cases is that the criminals hate Hiratsuka the most. 

I was most excited to watch MONSTERS out of all the dramas airing this season because hello, Yamapi and Shingo! The combination of the two is enough to watch the drama alone. Although I must admit that there is a huge gap difference between Yamapi's acting and Katori Shingo's acting in the drama. The gap difference is slightly making it a bit awkward to watch but I'm sure it'd get much better and natural as the drama progresses. There are also already complains from people who are comparing and saying that there are similarities between Yamapi's character as Kusano Akira from Nobuta wo Produce and Saionji Kosuke in MONSTERS and how he cannot act to save his life. If people are really just watching a Yamapi drama and expecting outstanding acting then maybe it's better if they don't watch it, lol. 

Episode 1 review:

Hiratsuka-san is giving Saionji a lesson on how to sit properly and "enjoy yourself" in this scene. XD

Oh boy, I think Yamapi might the first person in history who can look so cute while smoking a cigar in his mouth. I bet he'd even make smoking drugs look so good as if it's like eating sweet candy, lol!

Poor Saionji went to pick garbage at a garbage dump to look for evidence and he comes back looking and smelling like garbage! LOL. This scene reminded me of the scene in Proposal Daisakusen where Ken was picking up and going through garbage to find his second button from his uniform that Tsuru threw out the window. Yamapi look so cute sitting down in the last cap. Makes me want to pet his head and say "there, there!" XD 

Look at that ugly mess on his hair! He still looks cute regardless though. 

Saionji is hiding under a bed while a couple is about to have "sex" on top of him. He feels extremely grossed out as he quietly scream out his girlfriend's name "Emi-chan~~~" Poor Saionji. XD The pink fluffy ball phone strap on his phone is so cute! 

The dinner date scene with the girlfriend. HOLY SMOKES! Who doesn't want to have a dinner date night out here? I mean look at that beautiful night view in the background. Someone please take me there for a date! 

The most sweetest, adorable, cutest drama couple ever. Licking food off each other. Can this scene get any cuter?

Episode 2 review:

Saionji is looking for Hiratsuka-san. He looks for him in every place possible including peeking inside a stall in the men's bathroom! He's looking for Hiratsuka-san inside a locker in this cap and ugh, his face. Why such a cute face? 

This scariest thing is when you're looking for someone and is talking to them on the phone and the next the thing you find out is they're standing right next you looking like a creeper! Shingo really does look quite scary in this scene with that face and smile. He kind of reminds me of joker from the Batman. O_O

And somehow people don't seem to care much about Saionji's personal space in the drama. Isn't he standing a bit way too close to Saionji? =___=

This scene is hilarious and my most favourite part in this entire episode. Saionji and Hiratsuka-san goes to a Japanese mafia/yankee and just look at how scared Saionji is. I love Yamapi's epic priceless and over exaggerated expressions in this drama. XD 

Saionji giving Hiratsuka-san the "Oh no, please no. I don't want to die" expression look. Hahahaha. 

Saionji is about to face the most epic danger in his life. XD

Hiratsuka-san somehow escaped from the gang of mafia but poor Saionji was left to suffer in hell. His cute girlfriend tries to treat his wounds but he keep complaining and whining about how it hurts and so the girlfriend gives him a kiss on the cheeks and he suddenly feels better. Now isn't he the CUTEST thing?! 

The very next day, of course Saionji goes to complain to Hiratsuka-san about leaving him behind to suffer in hell while Hiratsuka-san calmly drinks his can of juice, lol. Yamapi look so cute even with those band-aids on his face, lol. 

Hiratsuka-san suddenly remembers something about balloons and Saionji asked if he wanted to get balloons. His face and his voice when he said, "you want balloons?" was SO CUTE in this scene. Saionji, I want balloons too. Can you get me some balloons? XD

Another drama I've been watching and really enjoying this season is Akumu-chan.

Synopsis from dramawiki: In this world of uncertainty, would we be happier if we could predict the future...? What would you do if all of your dreams had a way of coming true...including nightmares? Beautiful and young, Ayami has a solid reputation as a dedicated and reliable elementary teacher, but her true character is solely clandestine. Ayami does not believe in love and trust, and her values make her oblivious to other people’s matters. Almost devious, she is always scheming so she never has to deal with responsibility and troubles that spur around her. One day, a new student Yuiko enrolls in her home-room class. It does not take long for Ayami to find out that Yuiko has an ability to predict the future through the dreams she sees in her sleep; dreams which are symbolic and require proper interpretation to understand the upcoming occurrences. But when Yuiko begins to have nightmares of people around them, Ayami, though unwillingly, must team up with Yuiko to try to change the tragic fate of those around them... But can they properly assess what Yuiko’s nightmares truly mean and change what may already be destined? 

[image courtesy from google]

Reasons to watch this drama. Hello GACKT and Keiko! What a surprising and refreshing couple! The drama is actually very funny and I like the concept of having predictable dreams about things that become reality. Very different and unique drama concept. Keiko does a pretty good job at portraying the two-face persona in her character. It's also interesting to see her act as a teacher in a drama for the first time. I'd highly recommend this drama if you're looking for something funny and entertaining to watch after a long work day or on a lazy weekend day where you don't want to do anything. 

Some pictures take from Keiko's official blog of her and the main child actor in the drama. They look so cute together! =)

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