Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Doraemon Museum: Fujiko F. Fujio Museum

This mark my 2nd time visiting the Doraemon Museum also known as the Fujiko F. Fujio Museum. I would be in Japan right now visiting for the 3rd time if the global pandemic didn't happen and I had to cancel my Japan trip. 

I will never get bored and tired of going to the Doraemon Museum. The second time around, I actually got to explore and see different things that I missed out on during my first visit.

You can read about my first visit to the Doraemon Museum on this post here and how to get there and purchase tickets.

Riding the Doraemon bus to the museum at Noborito station was always something I looked forward to because there are new buses every time. I never even noticed that there are cute foot prints of Doraemon's cat paws on the ground at the bus stop waiting area. How cute!

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