Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sailor Moon Things I Got From Japan

A compilation post of some Sailor Moon things that I got from Japan because I don't think I have done a post about them yet. I still love everything Sailor Moon themed because it makes me feel so nostalgic and brings me back to the time when I was a kid and how much I used to love watching the anime. 

Sailor Moon limited edition eyeliner pens. I got a liquid eyeliner and a pencil eyeliner in black. I love the liquid eyeliner. It doesn't smudge and is very easy to apply on the eyes. I have yet to use the pencil eyeliner. 

Found this face mask at a drug store in Shibuya and just had to buy it! 

Sailor Moon miracle romance white pencil eyeliner for your under eyes which I have done a review of in this post here

I got this awesome Sailor Venus pen from Kiddyland and they gave me a free notepad! 

Sailor Moon t-shirt bought from Kiddyland as well. 

And this was something that I have wanted to buy in Japan but couldn't find it. Sailor Venus eyelashes. These would be a great match for my Sailor Venus cosplay! 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Japan Haul: Makeup, Hair & Beauty Products

Another Japan haul post on makeup, hair and beauty products that I bought while I was in Japan. I didn't buy as much this time as I still have a lot of stuff that I haven't used from my last trip yet. So I mostly just stocked up on things that I need to use on a daily basis like masks and moisturizers.

Masks from top left to bottom right:
  • Baby Foot mask
  • Kao scentless heat eye mask
  • Kracie hadabisei eye zone mask
  • Puresa moisturizing face mask
  • Sailor Moon limited edition moisturizing face mask

Doraemon and Chibi Maruko-Chan face mask.

Skincare products from top left to bottom right:
  • Allie sunscreen
  • Bifesta eye makeup remover
  • Bifesta face makeup remover 
  • SANA soy milk moisturizer cream
  • Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip face cleanser
  • SK-II facial treatment essence lotion

Decided to try 2 new hair products from Lucido-L. Juicy moist hair wax and hair make supplement.

I picked up this heat eyelash curler because I needed a new one to replace an old one that I have and also decided to get this brow trimming scissors from the Loft store in Shibuya. 

Eye makeup products from left to right:
  • 1 Day Tattoo black eyeliner
  • Kiss Me Heroine make long and curl mascara
  • Kiss Me Heroine make volume and curl mascara

Canmake BB cream and concealer. They are the best BB cream and concealer I have used! 

Monday, July 4, 2016

Makeup, skincare, beauty products in Japan

Another blog post on makeup, skincare and beauty products in Japan. I absolutely love love love shopping at the cosmetics section in department stores and all the drug stores in Japan. Not only do I like looking at all the amazing products that they sell there with the super pretty and cute packaging, I also LOVE looking at the ads endorsed by Japanese male/female idols. They just make you want to buy everything!!!

Kitagawa Keiko ads spotted for the brand KOSE. Have you watched any of her commercials for their products? Because you should totally check them out cuz she looks ever so beautiful in all the commercials! (。♥‿♥。) 

KOSE actually has a group of Japanese female actresses and models ranging from different ages who are endorsing their products. And these people include Kitagawa Keiko, Kiritani Mirei, Aragaki Yui, ROLA, Ueta Aya and more other people that I don't really know who they are, lol. 

Ishihara Satomi was the hit girl in Japan. She was literally seen EVERYWHERE on the trains, streets, drug stores to electronic department stores. Talk about being popular much. 

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