Sunday, April 6, 2014

Japanese Makeup: Sailormoon Miracle Romance White Pencil Eyeliner

Sorry for the rather long absence of not updating my blog in over a week. I have been meaning to blog but I kind of got a little busy doing other things that has been preventing me to write a new blog post. Anyway, I wanted to share a post on a new makeup product that I bought online through eBay recently. It is the Sailormoon Miracle Romance White Pencil Eyeliner (20th anniversary limited edition) I should probably stop/refrain from buying things online from now on, especially things that are from Japan so I can buy them when I'm in Japan this coming October! But I wanted to get this white pencil eyeliner to try and I couldn't wait until 6 months later when I'm in Japan to get it. (I'll probably still buy it when I go to Japan though XD) 

This is a white pencil eyeliner that you wear below your eyes under your bottom lashes to give off that "teary eyes" animated dolly look effect just like in the anime Sailormoon! There are other colours that you can get with the other sailor soldiers such as red for Sailor Mars and blue for Sailor Mercury. There is also a liquid eyeliner version in black and brown too! The eyeliner is actually very sparkly with a tint of pink gold colour to it that really opens and brightens up your eyes for that soft glowy look!

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