Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ray May 2014 Karina's Graduation

Sharing some scans I downloaded from Ray's May 2014 issue. This is also the last issue with Karina in it as she will be graduating from the magazine. Karina has always been the face of Ray. I can't imagine how Ray would be like without her. But then again, Karina is already 30 years old and is probably getting old as a model. I wonder who will they replace her in the magazine? Lately a lot of cover face/representative models are graduating from their magazines. Lena Fujii is also graduating from ViVi as well. The sad truth of a model is once you get old, they just replace you with a younger model. Tough life but that's how the modeling world works as well as the same in the entertainment world. I wish Karina success in the rest of her modeling life wherever she is heading to next! 

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