Sunday, May 4, 2014

Shopping: New All Pink Items From Forever 21

Did some shopping at Forever 21 on Friday and I am SO GLAD I went there on Friday. Found so many cute tops for a good price as I bought 6 items and my total was only $80 (including tax) Heck, usually I buy like 2-3 things from Forever 21 and it already comes up to be $80 plus tax, lol. I find that I am always shopping at Forever 21 at the right time and day because I always find amazingly good pieces whenever I do go there and I only maybe go there like 1-2 times every every 2-3 months because all the Forever 21 stores are pretty far from me. I can't wait for the new one that is opening at Dufferin Mall soon which is only a 10 minute walk from my house. OMG I am going to go there like EVERY WEEK even if I don't plan on buying anything there, lol. And actually they were having a buy one get 2nd item free on Friday when I went for items that are on sale. BUT their sale items were all mostly winter clothes and I am like soooooo long done with shopping with winter clothes I need some new spring/summer clothes. Plus I need to avoid buying all winter clothes as much as possible because I'm planning to buy all that when I go to Japan in October! So on Friday I actually bought everything in regular price and they were all pretty cheap items ranging from $6 to $22 only. =D

Items I bought starting from top left to right. Sunglasses, pink lace crop top, pink lace skirt, pink lace bralette, polkadot white bralette with bow, light pink skinny jegging pants. Yes, I bought almost ALL PINK items! XD

I got these two cute bralette tops with spaghetti straps. These tops are actually extremely popular in Japan. I see them a lot in Japanese fashion magazines. They are actually to be worn just alone paired with a high waist skirt. It looks like they are rather very sexy and revealing like you'd be exposing your stomach and all but it's actually not so much. Because if you wear them with a high waist skirt then it pretty much covers up your stomach and whole entire body with not much skin showing. However, I would personally wear a light jacket (like leather jacket or denim jacket or even a thin cardigan) over the top when I do wear them with a high waist skirt because I am rather a conservative person where I don't like to expose my back or my chest so openly for people to see like you know pervy people, lol. I know a lot of girls wear these kind of crop short bralette tops with a high waist skirt alone with no jacket/cardigan over but I am not brave enough to do so. Or more like I don't have the confidence to do's just not within my comfort zone to dress so sexy like that, lol(*/∇\*) You can actually also wear them with high waist jeans too or low rise short shorts if you are comfortable with exposing so much skin and daring enough to do so! =P 

Here's some example of how you can pair these crop/bralette tops from one of my favourite instagram fashion bloggers (hilisaa) that I follow. Yes, we have the same name, haha. Love her fashion style, she's got amazing style! Would totally wear all these outfits in a heart beat.  I find that her taste and style in fashion is so similar to my own too! There are also different kind and style of crop tops you can buy too. Long sleeve ones, vest, t-shirts, quarter sleeves, etc. I know that they sell TONS of these crop style clothes and outfits in Japan so I am waiting patiently to buy all of them when I am there in October! =D

I DO NOT own any of the pictures above. Please follow hilisaa on instagram if you would like to see more outfits on how to style crop tops! =)

Just a cute lace pink skirt I got. It's actually more of a pastel peach/creamy pink colour in person. The filter I used in the picture just made it more pink. XD

Also got this super pretty and cute pink long sleeve lace crop top that coincidentally happen to match and make a good outfit with the pink lace skirt I got. The pink lace top was also the last one left at the store too. I'm just really lucky to have found it. Actually I'm always pretty lucky whenever I shop at Forever 21 in finding last pieces, haha. I have good eyes perhaps or just really really good luck! ^____~

OMG I was SOOO HAPPY to find these pink jegging pants and they were only $18!!! I have been wanting to get light pink jegging pants for the LONGEST time but they always sold out my size whenever I find them at the store. T_T So when I found that they have my size I immediately grabbed them right away before someone else takes them! XD They also sell them in white which I also wanted to get one but they didn't have my size in white. =( I'm planning to go back again next week and hopefully they will restock the white in my size. =)

Cute sunglasses I got for fun to wear in the summer time. 

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