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My Favourite Japanese Models

I wanted to make a blog post about my favourite Japanese models. If you don't know already, I'm very into Japanese fashion and I have been following Japanese trends and fashion for about 8 years now. During my Japanese fashion obsession, I have come to discover many Japanese models and grew a strong liking for them. So I thought why not compile a list of my favourite Japanese models in Japan.

I'm going to list them from who I discovered and liked first to my most recent favourites.

1. Ebihara Yuri 蛯原友里 She's such a classic beauty! Who doesn't know her as she was and I believe she still is one of Japan's top models. Her popularity goes back way in early 2000. She was the cover face model for the Japanese fashion magazine CanCam, which was the magazine that got me to know about her. I used to read CanCam a lot when I was in my early 20's and because she was always featured in it and I became immediately attached to her as she is absolutely gorgeous with beautiful features and flawless radiant skin. She is what I define as an elegant and beautiful model as she gives off a very elegance kind of beauty aura. Aside from modeling she also does some acting as well and I have seen her on TV for commercials and variety shows before. 
Official facebook:

2. Nozomi Sasaki 佐々木 希 I know her since way back when she used to be an exclusive model for the Japanese fashion magazine PINKY, which is now discontinued. She used to be the face cover model of that Japanese fashion magazine and I used to adore and love her sooooo much because I thought she was the cutest model ever! I would used to read every issue of PINKY just for her. She was also extremely popular during the 2008-2010 time but nowadays I don't really know what she's really up to anymore. I know she owns a fashion boutique business for dog clothes and she also has her own wedding dress design campaign or some kind of fashion business along those lines. I don't see her as often in Japanese variety shows much now compared to before during her prime time when she was all over everywhere in Japan. Especially during the time when she did a commercial for Lotte Fit's bubble gum and she did this super cute dance in the video that it literally became an instant hit in Japan where many people posted videos on youtube doing the same dance. I remember watching the commercial on repeat so many times! Since then the last time I ever saw her on TV was in the fashion TV drama FIRST CLASS. However, I still think she was and is one of the cutest Japanese models up to this date. 

3. Lena Fujii 藤井リナ OH LENA! She was once crowned the "sweet Japanese princess" for her super cutesy and sweet looks. She was a regular top print model for the Japanese fashion magazine ViVi. She's half Japanese and half European. Her two moles at the side of her mouth is one of her charming appealing points as many Japanese people found her cute with it. I personally found them rather distracting at first but with time I grew to like them on her and think they're kind of cute. Lena was a really popular model back then until she graduated from ViVi magazine. I kind of miss seeing her in there because she used to be the model in the magazine. She totally owned that magazine. She can be cute, elegant, cool, sexy and super girly. She was a versatile model that I admired and liked a lot but ever since she graduated from ViVi, I haven't been following her and her whereabouts anymore. I'm not quite sure what kind of jobs she does now or where she is even at now. But I suppose she is still working as a model in Japan. She also used to be all over tumblr with many reblogs everywhere. The good old days when she used to be a prime model. 

4. Tsubasa Masuwaka 益若つばさ OH TSUBASA! Who didn't love her back then when she used to be the QUEEN of gyaru Japanese models in Japan?! She was the one who made circle lenses a huge hit back in 2008/2009. Everybody was going crazy over her own circle lenses brand that she launched and those super cute Candy Doll makeup products she made as well that every girl couldn't resist not buying (myself included) lol. And not to mention how she rocked the blonde hair dolly eye makeup look soooooo well. And all those awesome hair wigs she wore too. She was like the CUTEST doll alive with her dolly make makeup. She was also the one who made the "usagi" bunny ear headbands a huge fashion trend as well and now people can't seem to stop wearing them. And she used to be super popular on tumblr as I remember seeing her everywhere on almost every fashion blog. But somehow down the road, her popularity also started to fade after 2012 or so and I have also kind of stopped following her since then. 

5. Rola ローラ When Lena Fujii graduated from ViVi, Rola has basically taken over her role in the magazine as being a regular top print model as she often appears in the cover of ViVi. She's a model and TV personality. She's half Japanese and half Bengali. She has a very bubbly personality and often speaks in a really high-pitched cutesy voice on TV. I actually find her overly bubbly and cutesy personality on Japanese TV variety shows to be kind of too over top and annoying to be honest, lol. But she does do her job as a model really well. To me she's like a second Lena Fujii. She can appear to be cute, sweet, girly, cool and sexy. Some models can only pull off the cute and pretty look but she can be a variety of them and be good at expressing all type of images. She is also well loved and extremely popular in Japan with over 2 million followers on her instagram account.  

6. Kanno Yui 菅野結以 Kanno Yui used to be a former model for the Japanese fashion magazine Popteen, which I no longer read and follow that magazine anymore because I'm no longer a teen, lol. Also I just wasn't into the type of fashion in that magazine anymore but I remember I was very drawn by Yui when I saw her in the magazine. She's got this angelic and innocent sweet look. What I admired and love most about her is her makeup always looks super natural and flawless, especially her eyes. Despite her always wearing circle lenses, her eyes sparkle and glow that they look so spiritual like an innocent child. Not to mention she's also got this really baby innocent look to her that forever makes her look very youthful and doll-like. She also used to be a popular model for the brand Liz Liza. She now works really hard on her own brand Crayme, which I have blogged about before. I love her creativity in her own brand and how she presents it in a dreamy and whimsical way that gives it a very fantasy and fairy tale vibe to it. 
Official blog:
Crayme Shop:

7. Reina Trendl トリンドル玲奈 I first knew of Reina Trendl from watching her on a Japanese TV show Cartoon KAT-TUN where she was on a date with Junno, lol. I didn't really particularly like her when she was on the show. I thought she was just OK average, nothing special. Just another half/mixed Japanese model. She's half Japanese and half Austrian. I didn't start liking her until I saw her being frequently featured in ViVi starting in around 2013. I thought, oh she's kind of cute. But to be honest I don't seem to find her fitting in ViVi magazine much. To me she seems more of the type of model to be featured in magazines like Cutie, Popteen or even Seventeen. She is no doubt very cute and looks really young. At times she kind of reminds me of Nozomi Sasaki because they both kind of have similar features and face shapes. 

8. Darenogare Akemi ダレノガレ明美 I actually know of Akemi when I was googling Canmake products to buy in Japan 2 years ago, lol. Lena Fujii used to be the face model for the drugstore Canmake makeup brand. But ever since she left and graduated from ViVi, she also stopped being the image person for the brand as well. Akemi replaced Lena in taking over the role. So the first time I actually saw her was on the Canmake official brand website and I thought oh wow, she's very gorgeous! She's another half Japanese model. She's half Japanese and half Brazilian. She is often refer to as a "美人" by the Japanese fans and I can see why. I think she is no doubt very gorgeous and beautiful but I once saw her on a TV show and she looks completely different on TV than in pictures. She looks rather bad (I don't want to say ugly but she definitely doesn't look good) on TV with super dark circles and dark skin. She doesn't look as fair as she does in magazines and her photos. But despite all that, I think she does her job as a model pretty well and I quite like her sense of fashion style. 

 9. Miki Honoka 未来穂香 Omg where do I even start with this girl? She's one of my most recent discovered model that I like and the youngest too. She's currently only 19 years old! I found out about her through watching the drama Mischevious Kiss: Love in Tokyo, which is actually a great drama. Super hilarious and romantic and her acting in there is too good to pass on. She is no doubt a very talented young rising star actress. I absolutely adore and love her! I'd love to watch her in more upcoming dramas and movies. She started out as a model for the fashion magazine non-no and Mischevious Kiss was the first drama she acted in. A lot of times she often reminds me of actress Inoue Mao. Super cute with a very cheerful personality and youthful smile. Although she seems to be putting her entertainment career as a model and actress on hold as she's currently a student studying abroad in New York city, which I think it's great that she values education more than building on her career as a model and actress. 

10. Okarie 松岡里枝 She's my most recent model that I discovered through instagram. I don't really know much about her except that she was formally a Popteen model. Anyway, I quite like her hair post and outfit snap that she often post on instagram. So I kind of look at them for inspiration, lol.

Who are your favourite Japanese modesl? Are there any that you like and follow? I always love reading Japanese fashion magazines from time to time when I want some fashion inspiration and I'm always discovering new and younger models in them. 

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