Saturday, April 9, 2016

Happy Birthday Yamapi!


I realized I have never made a happy birthday post to Yamapi on my blog before. But from now I have decided to make one every year. I wanted to make one this year because I actually have a reason to. And that is...

Well, let's start with some pictures of Yamapi first since it's his birthday after all, lol. This is one of my favourite photoshoot he did for a magazine this year. I just LOVE these pictures of him. (。♥‿♥。)

This one is my absolute favourite picture of him! He looks so cute and cozy with that blanket over him. Gosh, he doesn't even look 30 here but more like a 16 year old teenage boy. Somehow Yamapi is aging backwards. He just looks younger and younger as he age, how does that even work? He's just ageless. 

Oh and did I mention how I LOVE his outfit in the photoshoot? It's super casual yet stylish at the same time. And I love the colour of his plaid shirt.

And guess what? I now reveal to you the real reason why I am making this post is because I found an almost exact same style of shirt he wore in this photoshoot a week ago at Forever 21. I was so excited when I saw the shirt and I immediately thought of the shirt he wore in this photoshoot and I just had to buy the shirt! XD But aside from it looking almost identical to the one he wore in the photoshoot, I wanted to buy the shirt anyway because I'm recently loving plaid shirts a lot and I don't have anything in this colour. 

In other words, I'm just shamelessly finding a reason to take a selfie and post it on my blog, lol! This is the first selfie I have taken for the year of 2016 actually. 

And also a first. My first time taking a mirror shot selfie with my Samsung Note 4 phone. It's a bit difficult to take mirror selfies with it as it's much bigger than my iPhone 4 and I have such small hands so it's hard to hold on to the phone and not drop it. (>__<") And I love that the shirt has pockets too, just like how Yamapi shirt has pockets at the front bottom of the shirt and mine are at the side. My sleeves can be rolled up to become 3/4 sleeves but I just didn't bother rolling them up. =P

And to wrap this post up, how can we not have a cake for the birthday boy?! Well, more like for me because obviously he can't eat it, lol. Another shameless reason for me to buy a cake for myself to eat. Of course I have to buy something Japanese related so I got the matcha cheesecake with red beans from Uncle Testu. I had the cake before but I never blogged about it on my blog. 

I have decided! Every year on Yamapi's birthday I am going to reward myself to indulge in eating some sort of yummy dessert. Whether it be ice cream, cakes, crepes, macrons, etc. It's a great excuse for me to go buy myself something good and yummy to eat that I wouldn't normally eat on a daily basis. 

And lastly a birthday message to Yamapi. Dear Yamapi, I know these past two years have been rather tough for you because your music career was put on hiatus and knowing how much you love to sing and dance, the wait you had to endure was probably the most painful. But at last you're finally set free this year with a new best album release and a concert tour. Wishing you all the best and more happiness to come for the rest of the year. May your concert tour this year be a success without any injuries. You've always encouraged me to do and be the best that I can. May all your dreams come true and I'll always be a sweetie to support and love you forever! p(*^-^*)q

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