Thursday, April 26, 2018

Review: 9 Hours Capsule Hotel Narita Airport

This post will be a review of my experience staying at a capsule hotel located right inside at the Narita Airport. Capsule hotels are becoming a popular trend among tourists in Japan and it has even expanded to open business in other countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, Netherlands, Russia and there are plans of them even being available in Vancouver, Canada soon. 

It is becoming extremely popular due to its low cost and all the amenities you'll ever need including LCD TVs to watch inside your room. It is just like staying at a regular hotel but on a low budget cost. Super convenient and cheap and especially if you are traveling solo and want to save on hotel fees. I'd highly recommend staying at one if you haven't yet! 

The first thing you want to do is check in at the front desk. If you have made a reservation through their website online, then all you have to is simply show them your passport. You can also stay at the capsule even if you don't have a reservation if it is not fully booked and there are rooms available. I didn't get a good clear picture shot without people in it during my stay so I took this picture from the official website. Rooms are divided between males and females as shown in the picture with the sex symbols with males on the left and females on the right. So you don't have to worry about sleeping next to some weird man and it is completely safe!

After checking in, it is time to head to the lockers to store your luggage and valuable belongings away. I love how there are signs everywhere to direct you where to go and the next steps and even a map of the capsule in case you get lost finding your sleeping pod, lol.

When you check in at the front desk, they give you a key to your locker with a number on it and the number you get for your locker is also the number for your sleeping pod. The locker is actually quite spacious and even have hangers for you to hang your jacket and clothes. You are not allowed to wear outside shoes in the capsule so the tray at the bottom is for you to put your shoes on. Also, if your luggage is too big and can't fit in the locker, you can also leave it at the front desk with the staff to keep for you.

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