Sunday, December 23, 2018

Aurora Winter Festival

So while I was looking at new festive things to do for the winter, a friend of mine suggested to go to the Aurora Winter Festival at Ontario Place. Which the festival has been around for a few years now and I've never been to it until now. And I have to say that it is one of the best winter lights festival I have been to in Toronto. It was freezing cold on the day when I went but it was so much fun that it was worth going in the cold weather. There's so much to do at the festival with rides like the ferris wheel, carousel, a big long slide and even a skating rink for family and kids to enjoy skating in. The lights attraction was also beautifully arranged and you could even play games and win prizes. I'd definitely love to go back again next year in the winter time. 

The biggest and most popular attraction was the white lights tunnel that has many people crowding over to take pictures. But I actually think the best way to take a picture inside the lights tunnel was not to stand in the middle of it but off to the side against where nobody will photo bomb you in the picture and you don't have to worry about having unnecessary people you don't want in your picture, lol. 

And if you would like to see the whole view of the entire festival high up above then I'd recommend going on the ferris wheel where you get a whole 360 degree view of the entire place with a beautiful view of the CN Tower with the lake view as well. 

And if you love riding the carousel and can withstand to endure the coldness then you may want to go on the carousel ride. I couldn't feel my legs and butt afterwards because the horse was sooooo cold that my legs were so numb after going on the ride, lol. 

A map of the festival and all the sight attractions that you can go to and enjoy. I didn't get to go on the slide as there was a long line up and there was only one hour left before the festival closes. 

Overall I loved my first experience of going to the Aurora Winter Festival and I'd highly recommend going with friends, family, or even on a date with someone! Other than in Toronto, the festival is also available in Vancouver as well! Visit the main website for more information. I also really like how they limit the number of people who can purchase tickets to go in during different time slots to eliminate the place from getting too overcrowded with people and you can enjoy the festival at the fullest. I'd recommend dressing warmly for the weather as it is nearby the lake and it can get quite cold and chilly! You do have to pay an admission fee of $20 for adult fare to get in. 

If you want to save on money but still be able to have some fun and see some Christmas lights and illuminations, you can visit the Lights Festival on the west side of the island which I went to with my parents the day after. There is also a skating rink there where you can enjoy skating with family and friends. 

The only special highlight of the free Lights Festival was this heart light that light up when you put your hands over it called the "Warm Heart Light". A perfect spot to take pictures at and it's located right at the entrance too! 

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