Friday, September 27, 2013

Japanese Fashion: Tattoo Tights Trend

It seems like it's been quite a long time since I last blogged about anything fashion related. So today I wanted to talk about a Japanese fashion trend that has been popular for the last few years now which is the tattoo tights trend!

I personally think this is one of the greatest inventions and idea that Japan has come up with. Especially for people like me who would never consider getting a real tattoo so this gives me the experience to play around with the idea of having a "fake" tattoo on my legs. You can also get to try out different tattoo designs without having to remove them and going through the pain to get it removed. Who wouldn't like that? There are tons of cute and cool designs that you can find by simply typing in "tatto tights" on ebay at a reasonable price for as cheap as $2-3 for a pair. A very fun and inexpensive way to add some cuteness to your outfit and I have bought quite a few from both ebay and YesStyle. I might do an outfit coordinate of how I match these tattoo tights in the future.

This is probably the most feminine/girly pair of tattoo tights that I own. I like that there are angel wings at the ankle which may not be that visible in the photo. 

This Minnie Mouse tattoo tight is soooo adorable! I like the idea of how it forms a picture when you place your legs side by side next to each other like a puzzle! There are also other characters that you can find such as Mickey Mouse, snow white and the cute bear from the Japanese brand WC. 

This poker print one is my favourite. It reminds me a bit of Alice in Wonderland. 

This guns tattoo gives me that "bad girl" look with the don't mess with me or I'll shoot you with my guns attitude, lol. Although I'm not too sure if I am brave enough to wear this out without having people stare at me or creepers following me. XD

And lastly I got these two pair of bunny ears from YesStyle in white and black. Super cute and adorable!

Which pair of tattoo tights do you like the most?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Japanese Instagrammers

Following my last post about my top favourite photo-editing apps, I wanted to share some Japanese models/bloggers on instagram who I follow.

I like to follow a variety of different people on instagram to find inspiration for makeup, hair, fashion, beauty, food and photography. Here are some of the ones that I like and if you like them then you can check them out on instagram too! =)

iokamiho is a very lovely Japanese instagrammer who post about her traveling and food photos. I love the way how she take photos of food and how she edits them. Really inspire me to do the same when taking food photos and to really put my sony nex camera in good use that I have been neglecting so much. 

mizutamahanco is another awesome instagrammer who post the cutest food photos! She often uses an app called "snapeee" to edit her photos. I also like how she post photos of beautiful places in Japan that I'd love to travel and go to! She's also a very crafty person and often post photos of her craft work as well.

nowtoo is super talented latte artist who does the most amazing latte art! I wish I had the skills to do this. Isn't it so amazing?! She also has tutorial videos on youtube where she shows you step by step how it's done. Really, truly amazing!!!

ryocoryocoryoco is also another very awesome Japanese photographer on instagram that I really like. Love her photography skills and photos and I'd love to own all the cool and amazing cameras that she has. 

melodysworld (Melody Yoko) is a popular Japanese model in Japan. If you follow or watch Japanese fashion shows such as Tokyo Girls Collection then you might be familiar with her. She's a very sexy model with great fashion style. 

rolaworld (Rola) is another popular Japanese model. If you follow the Japanese magazine "ViVi" then you'd be familiar with her. She's such a cute and adorable model with a bubbly and cheerful personality. 

ena1123 (Ena Matsumoto) also known as the producer of the Japanese brand EMODA. Ena is also a model as well. She's so super pretty and a huge fashion icon! If you love the brand EMODA and want to know the latest trends and updates about the brand then definitely follow her on instagram. She's such an successful business woman at young age and I can't believe she will become a mother soon and yet she's still working hard everyday while pregnant. Such an inspirational role model!

blackstone705 is also another very fashionable person who post great outfit photos. I actually discovered her through Ena as she also work for the brand EMODA as a visual merchandiser. She often post outfit photos featuring clothes from EMODA and I love how she coordinate her outfits.

That's all for this post and I hope you found some people you like to follow and feel free to comment below and share who you follow on instagram. =) 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Top Favourite Photo Apps

Hello! It has been quite a while since I last blogged...about 2 weeks? I apologize for those who have been coming to this blog and not finding any new updates. I've been very swamped with job searching for the past couple of weeks and I was really stressed out about it that I was never in the mood to write blog posts. 

So to bring myself back to blogging again I decided to share my top favourite photo apps. This has been on my "to blog list" for a long time but I never got around to it until now. I'll be talking about 6 of my all time favourite photo-editing apps. I have many favourites but I'll share more in another post in the future. =)

The first app I'd recommend is FotoRus. This is one of my favourite apps to use for anything. It's such a easy way to make your photos look extra fun and cute! It is known for its popular pic-in-pic photo effect with many different pic-in-pic photo frames and styles. If you're a fan of polaroid pics then this is the perfect app for you! It has also a great variety of filters and you can choose to apply filter on the background only or foreground only or both. PIP Camera is also another app worth checking out that has similar features with different pic-in-pic frames and styles. What's even better is both apps are free for download. 

The second app I'd recommend is Camera360. This is one of my favourite apps to use for taking scenery photos. It has a variety of different photo effects such as LOMO, HDR, Retro, Dreamlike, Sketch and Cartoon for that vintage and artistic look. Another thing I really like about this app is a new feature called "audio camera" where it takes a still photo and records the sound. An example would be taking a photo of a raining scenery with the sound of the rain captured in a still image. It's kind of like gifs but instead of the photo moving in a mini clip form, you get a still image with the audio sound. Isn't that kind of neat and cool? HelloCamera is another app that has almost similar features. Again both apps are free for download. 

Below are two scenery photos I took using the photo effects with Camera360.

The third app I'd recommend is PINK360 which is another photo app series produced by the same one as Camera360. The only difference is this one focuses more on beautifying your photos for self-portraits. The eye enlargement feature can make your eyes look bigger for that "dolly" look effect and as well as a skin beautify feature for glowing and glossy skin. Another great feature it has is face slimming where you simply touch and slide on the screen to the area on your face where you like to get rid of the fat to make your face look slimmer. I mostly use this app for skin tone correction to make my face look brighter and smoother for that "flawless" look and I sometimes like to use the face slimming feature when I feel like cheating for a bit, lol. 

The fourth app I'd recommend is PhotoWonder which is another quick and easy way to prettify yourself with its magical beautify features. It's so magical that it does work like wonders! A must have photo app for those who love taking self-portraits. Some of it's beautify features include face slimming which you can also use on your body to make parts of your body appear thinner and as well as eye enlargement to make your eyes look bigger. One of the more odd feature I find is the breast enlargement. Personally I wouldn't have much use for this feature but I guess it would help for those who feel a need to create an illusion for bigger boobs. I mostly use this app for the skin filters to correct any uneven or dark areas on my skin. 

The fifth app I'd recommend is Qpik. This is another beauty app for self-portraits but with no face slimming or eye enlargements. It's mostly used for whitening and fixing blemishes. What I really like about this app is that it has really nice filter effects and bokeh for creating those soft dreamy photos that you'd get from a DLSR camera. 

And lastly I'd recommend LINE Camera. I'm pretty sure you probably know this one already because it's one of the most popular apps. This app is so fun with it's many cute and hilarious stamps. A must have app for people who love all things kawaii! I love these super cute face stamps that you can add to your food and the art food and utensils that makes your food pic a whole lot cuter. If you're a food photo blogger then you'd love this app. 

That's all for my first top favourite photo apps. I hope you found it helpful and have fun experimenting with the apps. Feel free to comment and share what are some of your favourite photo apps! 
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