Sunday, September 22, 2013

Japanese Instagrammers

Following my last post about my top favourite photo-editing apps, I wanted to share some Japanese models/bloggers on instagram who I follow.

I like to follow a variety of different people on instagram to find inspiration for makeup, hair, fashion, beauty, food and photography. Here are some of the ones that I like and if you like them then you can check them out on instagram too! =)

iokamiho is a very lovely Japanese instagrammer who post about her traveling and food photos. I love the way how she take photos of food and how she edits them. Really inspire me to do the same when taking food photos and to really put my sony nex camera in good use that I have been neglecting so much. 

mizutamahanco is another awesome instagrammer who post the cutest food photos! She often uses an app called "snapeee" to edit her photos. I also like how she post photos of beautiful places in Japan that I'd love to travel and go to! She's also a very crafty person and often post photos of her craft work as well.

nowtoo is super talented latte artist who does the most amazing latte art! I wish I had the skills to do this. Isn't it so amazing?! She also has tutorial videos on youtube where she shows you step by step how it's done. Really, truly amazing!!!

ryocoryocoryoco is also another very awesome Japanese photographer on instagram that I really like. Love her photography skills and photos and I'd love to own all the cool and amazing cameras that she has. 

melodysworld (Melody Yoko) is a popular Japanese model in Japan. If you follow or watch Japanese fashion shows such as Tokyo Girls Collection then you might be familiar with her. She's a very sexy model with great fashion style. 

rolaworld (Rola) is another popular Japanese model. If you follow the Japanese magazine "ViVi" then you'd be familiar with her. She's such a cute and adorable model with a bubbly and cheerful personality. 

ena1123 (Ena Matsumoto) also known as the producer of the Japanese brand EMODA. Ena is also a model as well. She's so super pretty and a huge fashion icon! If you love the brand EMODA and want to know the latest trends and updates about the brand then definitely follow her on instagram. She's such an successful business woman at young age and I can't believe she will become a mother soon and yet she's still working hard everyday while pregnant. Such an inspirational role model!

blackstone705 is also another very fashionable person who post great outfit photos. I actually discovered her through Ena as she also work for the brand EMODA as a visual merchandiser. She often post outfit photos featuring clothes from EMODA and I love how she coordinate her outfits.

That's all for this post and I hope you found some people you like to follow and feel free to comment below and share who you follow on instagram. =) 

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