Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Skincare Routine

Today I want to share and write about my skincare routine. This has been a long overdue post that I've been meaning to write about but never got to it until now. I also happen to have discussed this topic with a group of girl friends last month where we each shared our beauty tips and secrets. 

First off, I'm no beauty guru or professional but I like reading about beauty tips and skincare products as well as trying new regime to help improve my skin. I may not have perfect flawless skin (nobody really does anyway) but I do have quite good skin to begin with. No sun/dark spots and pretty hydrated smooth skin. But as much as having good skin to start with, one must also need a good skincare routine and care to maintain having healthy radiant skin. 

I didn't start to actually take good care of my skin until I was about 20. Before then I'd barely do anything with my face but just wash it with water and towel everyday. It wasn't until YouTube became a big hit and every girl started making skincare and makeup videos that I got really curious in learning about skincare and how to properly take care of my skin. However, I personally believe someone who is in their teens won't need much care as their skin is probably at the best quality during their most youthful years of life. It's only when a person hit adulthood that their skin starts to deteriorate and need much more care for. 

I wouldn't say I'm doing a good job at taking care of my skin but I do try my very best to keep it in a good condition. Especially since now that I'm getting older, it's even more important for me to take better care of my skin before I hit 30 to another milestone of my life. Mostly trying to use more anti-aging products to my skincare routine to prevent any signs of aging and wrinkles to develop. 

I always start my mornings with a cleanser to wash my face with. I have used many different cleansers over the years (both drug store brands and name brands) but in the recent years I've been loving this particular one called "Perfect Whip" by Shiseido. It's a very gentle foam cleanser that I find that cleans my face really well! You just need a very small amount to create a a big foam and I put it all around my face and massage it in a circular motion and then wash it off with luke warm water. It doesn't only just clean your face but it also removes makeup too! I have been using this cleanser for about 2 years now and still loving it and cannot find a new one that can replace it that I'd like just as much. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new cleanser and want to try it out. It's also not expensive either. You can find some pretty cheap ones on ebay for under $10. A very affordable cleanser! It is also one of Japan's most top rated cleansers in magazines. 

Aside from my daily cleansing, I also use these two products 1-2 times a week. For exfoliator I use this drug store brand by St.Ives made with peach. I have used many other exfoliators in the past but there's not really one that I find that really exfoliates and clean my face that well. I have even used expensive ones before such as Cure in which I had to throw the bottle away halfway through using it because it just didn't do anything to my skin. I have learned that using more expensive products doesn't always guarantee that it'd bring good results to your skin. Just because something is rated as "best selling" doesn't mean it'd work for you. I bought this exfoliator on sale for $5 at Shoppers Drugmart and it has been the BEST exfoliantor I have ever used so far. It exfoliates and clean my skin soooooo well! I can clearly see that my skin looks much more radiant, fresh, soft and smooth after I exfoliate my face with this. It simply works like magic! I love touching my skin everytime I finish exfoliating with it. My skin feels so smooth and soft like a baby's skin! Highly recommend anyone to try this and you don't have much to lose since it's soooo cheap and affordable! The second product I use is this acne stress control cream wash by Neutrogena that actually helps to prevent acne from emerging and makes acne fade/go away faster. It really does work! Whenever I feel that I have a pimple growing on my face I'd apply this cream on the spot where the pimple is growing and the next morning when I wake up, it actually stops the pimple from growing bigger. It works much better on small pimples and takes a bit more time with bigger ones like zits. But when I do have a very big pimple on my face, I'd apply the cream on and it'd make the pimple appear a little smaller the next day. And because it works so well, I actually apply this cream all over my t-zone (which is where I tend to get pimples the most on my eyebrows, nose and chin) and leave it on for about 10-15 minutes and then wash it off with water even on days when I don't have pimples just so my face can stay "pimpless-free". XD 

For day time moisturizers, I am currently using two at the moment. Vichy Aqualia Thermal with SPF15 and Aveeno with SPF30. A friend got me the Aveeno one as a birthday gift and I started using it this month because it's summer and I need more SPF to protect my skin from strong UVs and the sun. So far I'm liking it a lot. It has a very pleasant smell and is light and doesn't feel sticky at all. I also use Aveeno for sunscreen lotion as well and have always found their products great to use. The Vichy moisturizer I have been using on and off for about 3 years now. It's very light and moisturize my skin really well but since it has a lower SPF, I use it more in the fall/winter where there isn't as much sun and strong UVs. 

For eye cream, I am currently using this one by OLAY that prevents anti-aging and puffiness. I don't have much problems with my eyes other than having puffy eyes and eye bags when I don't get enough sleep and I do have fine lines under my eye. So when I shop for eye creams, I generally look for ones that prevent anti-aging, reduce fine lines and puffiness under the eye. I have also used many different brands of eye creams in the past including clinique, shiseido, l'oreal, nivea and origins. I find them all to be the same and doesn't really do much to improve my eye condition. However, I do believe eye care is very important and they are usually the first ones to show signs of aging and I want to be able to have bright and youthful looking eyes for as long as I can! I'm still on the search to find the "perfect" eye cream for me to cure all my problems and help prevent wrinkles and anti-aging. 

Other than using eye cream, I have recently added using steam eye masks to my skincare routine. I bought these rose scent steam eyes masks from the Japanese brand Kao. They're very soothing and I use it whenever I feel like my eyes need some extra special treatment and care. Because of my work, I actually stare and look at computers all day and it makes my eyes really tired and dried and on top of that I don't really get enough sleep on a daily basis. These steam eye masks are perfect for treating my tired and dried eyes. It really helps to make them look more refreshed and not so tired and dead looking like I haven't slept for months. Zombie eyes anyone? lol. 

For night time moisturizer, I am currently using this Japanese Nameraka Honpo Soy Milk Moisturizing Cream by SANA. It's am extremely light weight moisturizer and it moisturizes my face really well, especially during the cold winter! It's currently one of Japan's most popular moisturizers that uses soy milk as the main ingredient. It's doesn't have much of a scent and goes my on skin pretty well and absorbs easily and not sticky at all. A small jar goes a long way too. I have been using this for about 6-8 months now and only used a very small portion of it. You only need a very small amount to apply to your skin too. It's also super cheap and affordable at about $10-15 for a jar. 

For makeup removers, I have been using the Aqualabel deep clear oil cleansing from Shiseido for my face and Peach Soda from My Beauty Diary for my eyes. I absolutely love these two makeup removers. It removes my makeup so well! The peach soda eye makeup is so gentle the smell is very light and it's not greasy or oily when you remove makeup with it. You simply shake the bottle until it forms some bubbles and then you pour a small amount onto a cotton pad to remove your makeup. With the aqualabel face makeup remover, I simply just pump 2 drops onto a cotton pad and wet it with a bit of water and then rub it on my face in a circular motion to remove all my foundation and it comes off so easily! I'm currently on my 3rd bottle of these two makeup removers and I don't think I'd be switching to use any other brands other than these two. 

For toners I've also used many different brands in the past including biotherm, sana, vichy, neutrogena and even the expensive SK-II. I recently purchased this one by Hadalabo which is currently the best selling toner lotion in Japan right now. It currently has a record of a bottle sold every 4 seconds in Japan! It's an extremely hydrating lotion that also prevents anti-aging and let me just say it's the best lotion that I have ever used! Super hydrating and I'd say it is even as good as the SK-II essence treatment lotion which I have used before but couldn't repurchase another bottle because it's too expensive. I find that this lotion gives the exact same results as the SK-II essence treatment but it is like 4 times cheaper at about $20 a bottle. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for an effective good toner and I'd definitely be getting more of it when I'm done my current bottle. And as a bonous note, Japanese idol Yamapi also uses it as well and that man has the most perfect flawless beautiful skin ever! =D

And for facial masks, I'm currently using these four from My Beauty Diary. I'm a huge fan of masks by this brand because it's very affordable and it works great on my skin. My skin always look so much more radiant and smooth after I use these masks and they're also extremely thin and absorbs into my skin much better. I try to do mask at least twice a week to give my skin that extra care and boost to make it look less dull and dry and to also maintain elasticity. Currently loving these 4 masks and will definitely purchase more when I run out of them. =) 

Finally the last product that I use for my skincare routine is this advanced night repair serum from Estee Lauder that a friend got for me as a x'mas gift. I have heard lots of great review about this serum from bloggers and Youtube gurus. I mainly got it because it's a serum that prevents anti-aging and helps to repair your skin at night so that it looks more glowing and radiant and to maintain your skin to look more youthful. As I am getting older now so it's important to invest in a good serum to help recover my skin from old age damage and maintain having youthful looking skin. I've only started using this product for not long but I do see a bit of difference to my skin after using it. You only need a small two drops on your palm and then rub your hands together and pat the serum into your skin until it fully absorbs. You will instantly feel that your skin is much more firm and smooth. I'd probably continue to buy this product when I am done this bottle as an extra special treatment for my skin. Always good to start preventing than to be too late and regret. =P 

What are your beauty tips and skincare routines? 

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