Sunday, June 30, 2013

YesStyle Purchases

Ordered a few pieces from YesStyle again. Planning to make one more purchase for summer clothes and I'm all ready to start shopping for some fall clothes! =)

Cute mint top with a bow at the front. I LOVE THE COLOUR! Such a pretty pastel mint colour that I don't have anything in. This top is also suitable to wear for at work and off work days as well. I like that it's really thin and lets air in that is good to wear for those hot summer day! I can just imagine how breezy it'd feel to wear this on those super hot summer days with a bit of wind blowing through the top. 

Got this lovely yellow top because I don't have anything in yellow and I like how flowy and airy this top is as well. Perfect for summer! I also love the crochet panel around the shoulders with white beads attached to it. It adds a very cute girly touch to it! 

And lastly I got this really pretty ruffled lace top. Isn't it like soooo pretty?! I love the details on the top. It's so elegant and feminine. Very suitable to wear for work at an office and also nice to wear on a date out as well. The top was like love at first sight for me and I knew I just had to get it! 

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