Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cafe Princess

Went out to eat dessert at this SUPER CUTE princess cafe called "Cafe Princess" on Monday with a friend. I wasn't even planning to go out at all because I need to reserve all my money for my Japan trip. Yup, I am totally ready to be a hermit for the rest of the summer until I save enough savings for my Japan trip. 

Another reason being is because my work contract will be over in mid August so I will be jobless/unemployed for some time before I find a new job so I really need to save every penny possible to last me at least 1-2 month without a job. I originally have plans about going back to my old job after my current work contract is over but when I spoke to my supervisor, he said I might be able to come back right away and may have to wait. I'm feeling a little anxious about that as I don't know if I will even have any source of income after my current job is over and I do have bills and expenses to pay every month. I have never been unemployed ever since 2007. I have been working non-stop since then until now so I feel a little scared to be unemployed with no income at all for a long period of time. I hope I will be able to find a new job right away or I will continue to be a hermit for god knows how long. =( 

This cafe is sooooo super pretty and cute, omg. It's like a real life cafe from a fairy tale of some sort or from an anime/manga. Their furniture are very vintage and girly that it's just perfect! I'd highly recommend this cafe for couples to come as this would be a dream come true kind of experience for any girl, lol. Love love love this cafe and would definitely come back for a second visit!

Even their washroom door signs are soooo super cute with a "prince" and "princess" written on it for the women and men's washroom! XD Oh the washroom inside is super pretty and princess vintage style too. I forgot to take a pic in there, haha. I was too excited! =P 

Drinks that we ordered! I got an iced green tea latte while my friend got this sweet potato latte. I never knew sweet potato lattes existed, lol. 

I got this princess moffle dessert with green tea and cookies and cream ice cream. Apparently the waffle is actually made with "rice" so it's a bit different from the normal waffles made with flours. (That's why it's also in a little lighter colour than normal waffles) Tasted really good and yummy! The dessert was a bit expensive though...about $10 but it was soooo delicious that it was worth it! 

My friend got a brownie chocolate fudge short cake. OMG. This cake was SOOOO SWEET! Almost too sweet to eat, lol. 

At the front of the entrance when you walk into the cafe, there's this board with lots of heart notes attached on it. I think customers/couples wrote the notes and posted them on? Such a sweet and cute idea! Omg, it's totally like an anime/manga kind of feel and theme! So sweet and lovely! ♥_♥

After dessert my friend and I went to walk around the area on Yonge and Finch and went into two beauty supply stores that sell Japanese makeup and skincare products to walk off the calories we just ate, lol. Then we had dinner at this Taiwanese restaurant called "Mabu Station" It was a really great restaurant with a nice and cozy atmosphere (very busy too!) and I'd definitely want to come back to visit again. I like how the whole restaurant was all GREEN AND WHITE. Two of my favourite colours!! It has this fresh and home kind of feel to it and the food was pretty good. We ordered a rice bowl with jerky and pork meat and chicken soup and I got this fruits drink that came in a super big size. OMG SO HUGE! I had to pee it all out after I was done drinking it, lol. 

My friend made me take pictures of her pretty gel nails in shocking blue that she got done 2 days before our meet up, lol. And that's a Samsung Note II phone that she's holding! =)

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