Monday, July 22, 2013

YesStyle Shoes Haul & Review

Writing about my second YesStyle shoes haul and review. You can read about my first YesStyle shoes haul and review here

This time I'm featuring some of the more summery shoes in this review and haul since my first one was more of for fall and winter. I am soooo tempted to buy more shoes on the website at the moment because there are so many good sales on! Gahhh. But I think I've bought enough shoes in the past year already and I need to stop and prioritize and focus on what I really need to get. 

These are my newly purchased Romanian Greece sandals that I bought this summer. They are currently my favourite at the moment. I like how they go with pretty much anything that I wear and is quite easy to match outfits with. I've worn them out a few times already and have gotten so many compliments from people at work about them. I also like how it's got a little bit of heels at the back of the sandals and they are very comfortable to walk in! =)

These bow with a gold ribbon sandal flats are so cute and adorable! They're simple but yet cute and girly that they can be worn as everyday casual shoes. They are super comfortable to walk in. I just LOVE them! 

My first pair of wedge sandals! I got them in beige for easier matching. Love how tall these wedge sandals make me look and they also elongate my legs to make them look longer and skinnier! =)

Black fringe sandals. These are my ALL TIME FAVOURITE pair of sandals to wear for the summer. I wear them practically almost everyday. Love love love them so much.  It also come with these gold chains with a little small star at the end as special add on accessory pieces. 

These sandals are also one of my favourite that is a bit more fancy and dressy with some flare fabric and pearls attached at the top. Very girly and cute!

I've featured these white pumps in an outfit post before. I love how elegant and romantic sweet these shoes look. The ribbon bows at the back of the shoes add a very feminine touch. They are the perfect shoes for an evening date during the summer with a nice pretty white dress. It makes me feel like a princess or cinderella whenever I wear these pumps. They look so dreamy romantic like a fairytale. 

I've also featured this pair pink pumps in another outfit post. Every girl need a pair of pink pumps for those girly days and these are just perfect! 

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