Monday, January 21, 2019

Review: Fuwa Fuwa Japanese Pancakes

Finally got to try the famous Fuwa Fuwa Japanese Pancakes that I have been seeing all over blogs and instagram. I was talking to a coworker at work about it and he told me that "fuwa fuwa" is actually an imitation sound of something being fluffy and soft. Like the movement of it bouncing when you shake the plate and the pancakes wiggle and create the sound like fuwa~ fuwa~ How cute! ( •⌄• ू )✧

They have this share a little bit of happiness gimmick if you post anything fuwa fuwa related with their hashtag #fuwafuwapancakes on social medial and you can get a scoop of ice cream for free when you show it to the cashier.

Their drinks and pancakes menu. They sell both hot and cold drinks and I actually forgot to take a picture of their hot drinks menu, lol. The cold drinks actually look very appealing but it was really cold out so I decided to order a hot drink instead. Maybe I will go back in the summer time to try their cold drinks. 

I ordered a matcha latte to keep me warm from the cold! 

And for the pancakes, I got the signature pancake with strawberries, blue berries and bananas. 

And my friend got the creme brulee with ice cream, raspberries, blue berries and bananas and we shared it where we each had one of each type of pancakes. 

My overall thoughts: To be honest, I was quite disappointed with my pancakes as they did not even wiggle or move at all when I shook the plate. It also was not as soft and fluffy as I expected it to be. It also tasted rather plain and I thought the creme brulee was much better. I talked to another coworker at work who had the pancakes at the same place but on a different time from when I went and she said her pancakes were much softer. So I think maybe the batter that day wasn't in the greatest quality on the day when I went so it did not come out looking as fluffy and soft. Quite a disappointment. I would like to go back again to try another time in the summer as it is quite expensive for dessert. Definitely wouldn't want to eat there often. On the plus side, they do offer a customer rewards where if you sign up with your phone number, they would send you discounts for getting half price drinks and other perks! I haven't been back since the first time to get anything though.

Address: 408 Bloor Street West Toronto, ON M5S 2N5

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year 2019!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑)و ✧

I went back to my new year post from 2018 to see what I have set for my new year resolutions and I'm proud to say that I have actually accomplished some of my new year resolutions. In the year of 2018, I smiled more, laughed more, loved myself more and did more of things that made me happy. I prioritize putting myself and my own happiness first and became a much happier person than I was in 2017. Although there were still the moment of time when I felt stressed and a bit lost in what I wanted to do in my life but I managed to get through and get myself back on track again. 

Taking a long deserved vacation to Japan all by myself was one of the best highlight of my year in 2018. I spent a lot of time by myself and also learned a lot about myself as well. It was vacation where I was able to totally feel relaxed, free, and to just be myself and unwind from all the emotional stress I had been suffering from for the last 3 years. Coming back from my trip, I was able to feel refreshed, charged, and motivated to pick up my life again.

In 2019, my new year resolutions would be to continue to smile more, laugh more and love myself more. I also want to focus on getting my health back on track again. I joined a gym in November and have a set a goal to workout at the gym at least 3-4 times a week. I also want to try new things and challenge myself more as well as staying focused on achieving and accomplishing bigger things in life. Saving up to buy a condo and move out to live by myself. Plan and take action on doing things that I have set my mind on and actually start doing them and worry less about the outcome. But the most important is to just stay happy and healthy! 
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