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Review: My Favourite Brands from YesStyle

As promised, I'd do another review on YesStyle featuring some of my favourite brands to buy clothes from. I actually haven't bought any clothes from YesStyle in quite a long time. I think my last order was back in December. It's been about 5 months now. That's quite long! I'm planning to go back to checking out some of their stuff in June so that I can shop for some new summer clothes. I already have some pieces and particular style of clothes in mind that I want to get. I don't think I'll be buying a lot this summer though since I still have so much clothes that I bought from the site last year that I haven't worn yet. I think I'll get at most 5-6 items. 

Through its collection of romantic women's wear and accessories, CatWorld indulges every woman's desire to look youthful, girly and cute. Based in Taiwan and founded in 1994 , CatWorld is one of YesStyle's best-selling brands. Already enjoying great success in China, the brand now looks to Japan to expand its retail market. 

CatWorld is one of my favourite brands to shop for clothes when I want something that's youthful, girly and cute looking. They sell anything from simple casual tees to girly and cute lace/floral tops and dresses. They also have really great colourful and fun basic pieces as well. The price is not bad either, ranging from $20-40 for an item. 

Created by founder Mayuki Zhou in Taipei,Tokyo Fashion encompasses all the different Japanese styles that make international headlines. Devoted fans adore the brand for its vast selection of feminine styles and luscious materials, including kawaii tops, classy blouses, and romantic dresses. The fashion savvy collection offers something for every taste and mood, with each piece effortlessly hinting at your inner sweetness. 

Tokyo Fashion is also one of my absolute favourites! They have a wide selection of clothes that is geared towards the feminine sweet style. Lace blouses, chiffon tops and sweet romantic dresses. It's a great brand to shop for office wear clothes too with a bit more of colour as oppose to the black and white professional office wear. I'd highly recommend it to those who are looking for some classy blouses and tops to wear for work while remaining to look cute and girly. I also like their dresses that is suitable to wear for weekend shopping or a date out. The price is in the average rang from $20-40 for an item. 

Established in 2008, up-and-coming Taiwanese label YUMI is no mere follower of passing trends. The brand integrates facets of each season's trends into casual wear designs, forming a collection of separates for young women that are wearable but still fashionable. Always putting comfort first, YUMI uses quality fabrics with interesting textures for its pieces ranging from the classic tee to the boyfriend cardigan. YUMI proves that simple and casual minimalist designs can go a long way. 

YUMI is geared towards the more laid back casual girly style with simple tees, knit cardigans paired with denim bottoms. It's more of the laid back boyfriend look that's in between the mix of sophisticated fun and casual cute look. It's great to shop for the clothes for the weekend where you want something that's stylish yet laid back and simple. The price is also in the average range from $20-40 for an item. 

The fast-fashion brand 59 Seconds appeals to the sweet, carefree young woman with its colorful clothes and vivacious designs. Their affordable apparel mixes unique designs with popular styles to favor versatile mixing and matching. The bubbly coordinates focus on streamlined cuts that are perfect for happening Fridays and laidback Sundays. 59 Seconds is the youthful sister brand to business casual edition 59th Street. A YesStyle Exclusives brand, 59 Seconds features a unique selection handpicked by YesStyle's in-house Merchandising Team.

59 Seconds also one of my top favourite brands. I love the playful and youthful style of clothes that they have. It's also one of the brand that have the lowest prices as well. I remember I bought some tops and skirts for as low as $10 and under on sale! I think this brand would be very much suitable for girls who are still a student and just want something that's playful and youthful looking that is not too expensive and affordable. This is definitely the brand for you! =) 

Created by OB Design Company in 2004, Orangebear delivers fun casual womenswear. The popular Taiwanese label offers feminine and playful separates to create a unique mix-and-match style and carry larger sizes for curvy women. Orangebear's sister brands eStyle, DokiBoki, IMODA, MioLife, Shikara and OB JEANS were launched to provide a wider range of refreshing designs to young women.

OrangeBear similar to 59 Seconds is another brand that has more casual cute and playful clothes that is more for younger women. Another very suitable brand that I'd highly recommend for high school or girls in college. 

Japanese brand Liz Lisa celebrates femininity to the extreme and is a cult favorite among the trendy patrons of Tokyo's famed Shibuya 109 shopping mall. Established in 1999, the label is popular among the followers of the "gal" or"gyaru" trend for its seamless fusion of retro and trendy, showcased through ultra-feminine looks featuring floral prints, lace, ruffles and ribbons. The label's signature A-line silhouette as well as the use of layering and peplum hems make it one of the most sought-after brands identified with the distinctive "gyaru" look. YesStyle is an authorized distributor of Liz Lisa.

Liz Lisa is an extremely popular brand for the "gyaru" fashion style in Japan. If you are into Japanese gyaru fashion then this brand would be familiar to you. I just recently found out that YesStyle added this brand to their site. Personally I think Liz Lisa is a little over girly for me with too much floral and lace. I personally wouldn't want to be dressed in this particular style of fashion on a daily basis but I wouldn't mind it once in awhile. I also think their prices for clothes is a bit over priced and I wouldn't want to pay so much for clothes. But I'd say their clothing style is definitely very unique and cute!  

Taiwanese brand SPICY HOLIC fuses eye-catching fashion and subtle sensuality with its collection of apparel that caters to a lady's inner vixen. Combining the words "spicy" and "-holic" to project an image of sophisticated self-indulgence, the brand emphasizes the feminine silhouette with form-fitting cuts and high hemlines. Established in 2000, SPICY HOLIC continues to be inspired by international trends, especially from the UK and the US.

SPICYHOLIC is also another one of my top favourites. The fashion style is more American and westernized if you're not too into the super Asian sweet and girly cute style. It's more "street casual" with a bit more of the sexy girl look. The clothing style is somewhat similar to Forever 21 and H&M. My only complaint would be sometimes the price can be a little too high.  

Other clothing brands from the site that I'd recommend to check out are:

Kiwi Shop
Clair Fashion
Maymaylu Dreams

I hope this post was somewhat helpful to you if you're new to YesStyle and not sure what brands are good to shop at or where to actually start looking. I think the site has a pretty wide range of clothing style and brands to choose from that there is bound to be one that is suitable for you and matches your personal style and taste. It just takes some time and effort to look and discover which brands are for you. =) 

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