Sunday, May 12, 2013

Polkadots Bow Headband Outfit

Went out again for dinner with some friends last night. I really need to stop eating out so much. I've been eating out for the past 3 weeks now and yet I'm going to have dinner with friends again this Wednesday. I swear after my birthday celebration that is coming up soon, I'm going to ban myself from eating out for a month, lol. 

Outfit I wore to my dinner last night. I curled my hair with my new conair youcurl iron for the first time and quite happy with the results. It creates much more 3D dimensional bouncy curls that my other iron can't do. My curls lasted me all day long too! It's no wonder this curling iron won the #1 best selling styling device in Canada. It simply works like MAGIC and makes curling my hair ever so easy! And it only took me 20 minutes to curl and style my hair versus how it takes me 30 minutes with my other curling iron. Saves so much time and so much more convenient! =D

Wearing the gold rings that I got from Aldo Accessories back in March! Love these rings soooo much. 

We went to eat dessert at dessert kitchen (糖潮) I ordered a summer mango festival with mango ice cream. SOOOO YUMMY! I want to go back to eat more dessert. Ah, I can eat dessert all day! ♥ 

Went into Forever 21 to window shop while I was waiting for a friend to pick me up with her car at the mall. Ended up getting this cute mint top with laces. Such a cute top! I don't have anything in this colour or style so it was like instant buy to add to my wardrobe and also because it was the last small on the rack so I had to get it before it gets sold out! XD

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