Thursday, May 16, 2013

New iPhone Cases and Mint Bag

Just a quick update of some things I bought online recently because I've been crazy busy with work doing overtime almost this entire week. I barely have any time to do anything at all after I get home. *sigh* =( 

And I'll be so busy with work this long weekend too. I actually have to work next Monday (which I'm supposed to be off because it's a holiday) but apparently our client that we work for told their employees that we're open! Like WTF. The client and employees are from the U.S. so it's not a holiday for them. So we actually have to open the office and my manager isn't so happy about that either because he also has to come in to work to supervise us, lol. But at least I'll be getting holiday pay and I'll be off work at 4:30 so I'd still get half of the day off to do some stuff. 

Two cute new iPhone cases that I got from eBay recently. I've been iPhone case obsessed again. I want to get more colourful iPhone cases for the summer to match outfits with! XD

Also got this quilted studded charm-detailed mint shoulder bag from YesStyle while I was restocking on some makeup and beauty supplies. A super cute bag to wear for the summer. I love the colour and design of it! It's also big enough to carry everything that I need too. I've been obsessed with mint and anything in mint colour lately. I'm currently trying to buy more clothes in mint colour...just can't get enough of it! 

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