Saturday, September 24, 2016

Daiso Shop in Harajuku Takeshita-Dori

DAISO! If there is one place where I could literally shop at everyday in Japan and not get bored of it then it would definitely be the Daiso shop in Harajuku. You could literally find everything here from household goods and appliances, bento making tools, DIY crafts and yummy snacks that you can buy as souvenir for only $1! Seriously the best place to shop at if you want to buy things that are cheap but also in good quality as well.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Calbee Plus Shop in Harajuku Takeshita-Dori

There are two places that I'd always make a trip to everytime I'm in Harajuku on the Takeshita-Dori street. The first place is Daiso and the 2nd place is the Calbee Plus shop that sells the best fries and chips in Japan. If you have not tried the fries and chips from the shop then I'd highly recommend that you do when you visit Tokyo. 

Just looking at these pictures make me crave and want to eat the fries and chips again! ( ๑ ❛ ڡ ❛ ๑ )

The shop is actually very tiny. There is an area with tables (but no seats) located upstairs on the 2nd floor for you to eat and enjoy your meal. You make your order on the first floor and there is also a variety of different flavours of Calbee fries and chips that you can buy that would make a great souvenir. =)

These Hokkaido limited fries that come in 3 different colours are my absolute favourite! I wish I could buy a ton of these to bring home with me as I could literally eat them everyday! (♡´౪`♡)

Friday, September 9, 2016

Happy 34th Birthday Otsuka Ai!


Can you believe that she's 34?! She still looks so cute and as young as 24! I still can't believe she's married and has a daughter and also became a mother. I remember when I first listened to her music back in 2003 which was 13 years ago. She was this tiny cute Japanese singer who sang numerous hit kawaii fun songs such as Sakuranbo, Happy Days, SMILY, Biidama. She was also known as the queen of love ballads as she has sang many memorable and touching love ballads including Daisuki da Yo, Kingyo Hanabi, Planetarium, Renai Sashin, PocketKurage, Nagareboshi. Recently she seemed to have taken a very "mature" direction in her music in her latest album Love Tricky in which she sings more electro dance songs and I'm really loving it. It's got this mature and sophisticated yet sexy vibe to it. I never thought she would be suitable for singing this genre type of music as it is totally different from the type of music she used to sing. But surprisingly she made it work and it is also quite refreshing and new to see her sing in a complete different genre type of music. I'm looking forward to her next new album and what she more surprises she has to bring to her fans. 

And I'm also really happy that she made an official account on instagram where I could literally stalk her everyday, lol. But seriously she's one of the very first person who I consistently check for new posts on instagram.

She has the BEST selfies on instagram and I love the way how she edit her pictures. It's got this natural but yet sophisticated feel to it and everything is just so on point and perfect, especially her face expressions. Each picture is like a piece of art filled with so much emotions. It seems she has also changed her makeup style which also gives her a very mature and sexy look.  

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Happy 20th Anniversary to Yamapi!

I'm so sorry I haven't been able to update my blog as often as I would want to. There are sooooo many things I want to blog about and I really want to be able to get back to blogging more. But there are also a lot of "life" things I need to deal with at the moment and I need to prioritize them more than spending time on my blog. 

But I also feel really bad when I neglect my blog or when I don't blog as often as I hope to be as my blog is sort of an escape for me to get away from all the stress and worries in life. 

I have been back logging a lot of my blog post because I don't have time to blog about them in time. Just like how I need to back log this post as well cuz I didn't get to post it in time. =( 

Happy 20th anniversary to Yamapi! It's been 20 years since he joined his talent agency Johnny's Entertainment. He was only just 11 years old back then. Who knew this little boy would grow up doing so many different things and becoming one of Japan's most popular idols and giving so many inspiration and dreams to all his fans. 

Twenty years is a very long time and I am truly grateful and happy for Yamapi to have made it so far. I'm pretty sure he's gone through many ups and downs in this journey of him being an idol, actor, and singer. From being in a group to having a solo career. It sure wasn't easy! And despite his lack of abilities and talent in many areas such as he's not great at MC or speaking, he's not the best actor or singer, he's not as much of an entertaining or interesting person. But he'd still never give up and strive to be the very best idol he can to his fans. 

When I read fan reports about his Future Fantasy concert tour and how much he misses being on stage so much to the point where he was hugging the stairs on the stage just goes to show how much Yamapi loves to be able to stand on stage and sing and perform for his fans. It truly makes me feel really touched what a down to earth person he is and how he still remains to be so humble and thanking his fans for all their love and support throughout the years because without them, he wouldn't be where he is now.  

And as a fan for 10 years, I must say THANK YOU to you, Yamapi. Thanks for always giving me the hope to never give up and chase after my dreams. You have truly been an inspiration to me and I'm sure you are also a big inspiration to many of your fans as well.

I wish you for the very best in the future in finding success in doing whatever you do. Cheers for another 20th year anniversary and more. Please stay awesome and continue to be the dream and inspiration to all your fans and the people who love and support you. 
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