Friday, September 16, 2016

Calbee Plus Shop in Harajuku Takeshita-Dori

There are two places that I'd always make a trip to everytime I'm in Harajuku on the Takeshita-Dori street. The first place is Daiso and the 2nd place is the Calbee Plus shop that sells the best fries and chips in Japan. If you have not tried the fries and chips from the shop then I'd highly recommend that you do when you visit Tokyo. 

Just looking at these pictures make me crave and want to eat the fries and chips again! ( ๑ ❛ ڡ ❛ ๑ )

The shop is actually very tiny. There is an area with tables (but no seats) located upstairs on the 2nd floor for you to eat and enjoy your meal. You make your order on the first floor and there is also a variety of different flavours of Calbee fries and chips that you can buy that would make a great souvenir. =)

These Hokkaido limited fries that come in 3 different colours are my absolute favourite! I wish I could buy a ton of these to bring home with me as I could literally eat them everyday! (♡´౪`♡)

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