Friday, September 9, 2016

Happy 34th Birthday Otsuka Ai!


Can you believe that she's 34?! She still looks so cute and as young as 24! I still can't believe she's married and has a daughter and also became a mother. I remember when I first listened to her music back in 2003 which was 13 years ago. She was this tiny cute Japanese singer who sang numerous hit kawaii fun songs such as Sakuranbo, Happy Days, SMILY, Biidama. She was also known as the queen of love ballads as she has sang many memorable and touching love ballads including Daisuki da Yo, Kingyo Hanabi, Planetarium, Renai Sashin, PocketKurage, Nagareboshi. Recently she seemed to have taken a very "mature" direction in her music in her latest album Love Tricky in which she sings more electro dance songs and I'm really loving it. It's got this mature and sophisticated yet sexy vibe to it. I never thought she would be suitable for singing this genre type of music as it is totally different from the type of music she used to sing. But surprisingly she made it work and it is also quite refreshing and new to see her sing in a complete different genre type of music. I'm looking forward to her next new album and what she more surprises she has to bring to her fans. 

And I'm also really happy that she made an official account on instagram where I could literally stalk her everyday, lol. But seriously she's one of the very first person who I consistently check for new posts on instagram.

She has the BEST selfies on instagram and I love the way how she edit her pictures. It's got this natural but yet sophisticated feel to it and everything is just so on point and perfect, especially her face expressions. Each picture is like a piece of art filled with so much emotions. It seems she has also changed her makeup style which also gives her a very mature and sexy look.  

I also really like her new mature sophisticated-cute fashion style that she has been sporting. She has surely matured into a very cute and sexy woman. And I can't believe how fast she recovered from her pregnancy. She still looks as tiny as she was when she first debuted! How is that possible?!?! No pregnant weight gain at all. I wish I could look this good when I'm 34! T_____T

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