Friday, July 31, 2015

The Minions Movie & Toys

I'm back logging this post because I didn't get to post it in time until now. I went to watch the Minions movie with my friend Stephanie on Friday which I have been soooo excited to watch! I even watched the trailers soooo many times before seeing the movie in theatres. XD I have never really been that minions obsessed when I watched both the Despicable Me movies but the minions movie was just toooooo cute! (。♥‿♥。) I love Kevin, Bob and Stuart, especially Bob and Stuart. Stuart is just hilarious and Bob is way too cute that he looks like a little teddy bear and I just want to hug him! 

I went shopping at Wal-Mart a few weeks back and found this movie special edition of minion banana berry flavour cereal. I needed to get a new breakfast because I was almost done eating the breakfast I had at work and this was just perfect! I bought it because I thought the cereal pieces had the minion characters on them but it actually doesn't! OMG what false advertisement. I was quite disappointed when I opened the bag of cereal and discovered that there were no minion pictures on any of the pieces. T___T But the cereal does taste pretty good though and I'm actually almost done eating the entire box, lol. 

McDonald's Happy Meal Minion toy hunt! So I didn't know that you could actually just buy the toy and not get the happy meal at McD's until a friend told me. I never collected the other minions collection for the Despicable Me 2 movie but I decided to get them this year because I wanted them for a reason (which you will find out why in the post at the end) and I didn't really want to collect all 12 of them, just specific ones that I liked. =P I really wanted Bob and Kevin because I have Stuart and I wanted to at least have a complete set of all 3 of the main characters but I couldn't get them. (TT___TT) I exchanged some of my minions with a friend to get the ones I wanted too, lol. 

So why did I want to get the minions? Because I wanted to take photography pictures with them such as like in the pictures below.

I have been seeing these super cool and amazing minions photography pictures all over tumblr and instagram that I got inspired to get some minions toys so I can take my own pictures with them. XD I'm so excited to go out and take some pictures with my own minion toys and can't wait to share them on my blog! =D 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Review: MUJI in Toronto

Decided to do a review on MUJI that just opened in Toronto back in November of last year. For those who don't know what MUJI is. It is a popular and famous minimalist Japanese retailer in Japan that sells a wide range of products including apparel and home decor items. The design of the products sold at the shop is usually very basic and simple and it has this really relaxing mood to it. I have only been to the shop a couple of times since it has opened. I don't see myself shopping at the store very often simply because I don't have much use for the stuff they sell there. Although I do like some of their simple apparel clothes such as the plain t-shirts and sweaters. I would say it's worth a visit to check out the store but it may not be for everyone, especially those who seek for something that is more embellished. But all in all, I think the price is decent for some products whereas other products can be quite expensive. There are plans of a two new UNIQLO shops to open in Toronto in Fall 2016 and I'm quite excited about that. I'm very happy that more and more Japanese shops are making their way to Toronto. Now the next new shop I would really want to open here is DAISO or 3COINS. I loved shopping at both shop so much when I was in Tokyo. I could literally shop at Daiso every week and live there if I could, lol. XD

They even sell the humidifier that I bought from ebay. It is the exact same model and has the exact same functions as well. Except it doesn't change colours so I think the one I bought is much better and cheaper. Because the one they sell at MUJI is like over $100+. And mine still works great, it hasn't broken down on me yet, lol. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Shopping: New Sneakers From Aldo

I bought a new pair of sneakers from Aldo last month and I absolutely LOVE them! ( ˘ ³˘)♥ They are in the style that I have been looking for and I am soooo glad I finally found them. I got them on sale for $40 only! I wanted to buy a new pair of black sneakers to wear when I travel so I can be comfortable in them but I also wanted them to look stylish too so that I can easily match them with any outfits that I wear and these are the perfect shoes! 

I love love LOVE the silver band at the back of the shoes. It just adds a sparkly stylish touch to it. ヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ

The shoes are actually a mix of gold and silver and I just love it to bits! It also comes in white too but I decided to go with black. I haven't wore them out (because I don't want to dirty them yet) but they feel sooooo comfortable on when I tried walking with them at home. I can't wait to wear them on my next travel trip! =D

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Birthday Dinner At The One Eighty Panaroma Restaurant

Went out to to celebrate for two of my best friend's birthday last week at The One Eighty (formally known as Panaroma) restaurant. It is on the 51st floor inside the Manuel Life Centre mall at Bay and Bloor. I found out about this restaurant about 2 years ago when I was researching and googling about restaurants in Toronto. I didn't get to have dinner there until now and what a magnificent experience it was! 

So what's unique and special about the restaurant? You can choose to sit inside or the patio outside on the north swing side or the south swing side to enjoy the beautiful view of Toronto up 51 floors high! Of course, we picked to sit outside of the patio for the view and we picked the side with the CN Tower view. You actually cannot reserve seats for the patio outside. It is based on first come first serve basis and no reservations are allowed. We got there early at 6pm so there were still a few tables left outside at the patio. =D

Food and birthday cake for my two lovely best friends birthday! =)

City view and group shot in black and white. I really like this picture of us. It's soooo classy and elegant, if only the waiter who took the picture for us didn't cut me out so much. -____- This is what happens when you ask people to take a picture for you who are not pro photographers, lol.

Polaroid photoshoot picture fun! 

Some selfies that I took at home before meeting up with my friends. I wore false eyelashes and red lipstick. I wanted to go for a "sexy" look but I didn't quite turn out looking sexy at all. Okay, I tried! I just don't have any "sexiness" aura or charisma in me at all because I still forever look like I'm 18! =P 

Birthday gifts for my two best friends. I got them both each a cupcake and a box of macarons. I even got them bags that match their cupcakes! XD

It was a great night spent with some great friends with an spectacular view of the city. I would want to come back to this place again for dinner on a romantic night date or something, lol. We didn't stay long enough for the night view as we left at around 8pm and the sun hasn't set yet. But I think the night view would have been very awesome and beautiful with the city lights. My thoughts on the restaurant? The food is okay, nothing outstanding and the portions are small and the price is expensive but given the atmosphere, it's reasonable why it would be expensive. I wouldn't come back to dine here often, only for a special occasion. XD
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