Thursday, July 16, 2015

Review: Yutaka Japanese Restaurant

Meet up with a friend I haven't seen in a very long time 2 weeks ago. We went to buy matcha madeleines with red bean at the Uncle Tetsu's Japanese Matcha Cafe and then headed for dinner at the Yutaka Japanese Restaurant just newly opened down the street on Dundas across from Chatime. This is actually my 2nd time eating at the restaurant. The first time I had lunch there. It's an authentic Japanese restaurant that serves great quality and fresh sushi and sashimi! =D

I forgot to take a picture of the outside of the restaurant when I passed by it today. -___- So I'll edit this post later when I have the picture, lol. I also didn't take any pictures of the inside of the restaurant and this was the only decent one I can find from google.

We got a sashimi sushi bowl to share. This was actually really good and the meat is soooo fresh! Note: I actually don't normally eat sashimi because I don't really like the texture and taste of eating raw meat but decided that I should try eating it more and maybe I'll grow to like it. I still need some time to get used to it but I think I'm starting to like eating sashimi better now and it actually doesn't taste as bad as I think when I eat it with rice. And btw, they served us sushi rice in this bowl, not just plain white rice. It has sushi vinegar flavour to it which made it taste much better!

We also got a dynamite sushi roll to share as well.

This is called Shishamo. Some type of baby Japanese fish that is grilled. It was on the "today's special" recommended by our waitress. We decided to give it try as I have never eaten Shishamo before. It was okay. I thought it was too grilled and a bit dry for my liking.

Black sesame and green tear ice cream. OMG the BEST combination ever!

Thoughts about the restaurant: Overall the atmosphere at the restaurant is pretty nice. It's nice and spacious and located in a good area. The food is good and the price is not bad either. You can have some really fresh and great quality sashimi for a decent price. I would come back again for dinner or lunch. =) 

Stephanie got me a souvenir gift from Hong Kong. A grey sweater blouse with a lace collar. Thank you so much for getting me the gift. I actually don't have anything in this colour and style so it is perfect to add to my wardrobe! =D

Selfies I took at home before meeting up with Stephanie. My hair and outfit for the dinner night. I curled my hair with my you curl wand this time and it gave my hair such nice and bouncy curls and also added some volume to my super flat and thin hair. I also looked a bit more mature than usual. Just a bit pale and I look like as if I'm sick or something. My lips are too pink and light, should have applied some lip gloss or lip stick for some pop of colour to look more alive! lol. 

And at last we finally had a new nice picture together after so many years. Don't even remember when we last took a picture together. 2008 maybe? It was also our first time meeting up and seeing each other after over a year! It was so nice to catch up with you and we talked about so many things until it got so late and we didn't even realize how late it was. XD I hope the next time that we meet again won't be another year later, lol. 

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