Sunday, July 26, 2015

Review: MUJI in Toronto

Decided to do a review on MUJI that just opened in Toronto back in November of last year. For those who don't know what MUJI is. It is a popular and famous minimalist Japanese retailer in Japan that sells a wide range of products including apparel and home decor items. The design of the products sold at the shop is usually very basic and simple and it has this really relaxing mood to it. I have only been to the shop a couple of times since it has opened. I don't see myself shopping at the store very often simply because I don't have much use for the stuff they sell there. Although I do like some of their simple apparel clothes such as the plain t-shirts and sweaters. I would say it's worth a visit to check out the store but it may not be for everyone, especially those who seek for something that is more embellished. But all in all, I think the price is decent for some products whereas other products can be quite expensive. There are plans of a two new UNIQLO shops to open in Toronto in Fall 2016 and I'm quite excited about that. I'm very happy that more and more Japanese shops are making their way to Toronto. Now the next new shop I would really want to open here is DAISO or 3COINS. I loved shopping at both shop so much when I was in Tokyo. I could literally shop at Daiso every week and live there if I could, lol. XD

They even sell the humidifier that I bought from ebay. It is the exact same model and has the exact same functions as well. Except it doesn't change colours so I think the one I bought is much better and cheaper. Because the one they sell at MUJI is like over $100+. And mine still works great, it hasn't broken down on me yet, lol. 

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