Friday, November 16, 2018

Review: Taiyaki NYC in Toronto

Another food review. Also saw this on blogto when I was bored at work, lol. I have been seeing these taiyaki ice cream on instagram everywhere and always wanted to try them. Finally there's one opened on Dundas and Bay so I went to try it out.

You can buy the signature taikyaki or build your own ice cream with different toppings! You can also get the ice cream on a taiyaki cone, ice cream cup or on a waffle cone. I'd recommend eating the ice cream really fast if you get it on the taiyaki cone cuz it melts pretty fast. 

They also serve tea beverages too and if you order any matcha drink, there's a deal for buy one get one free during happy hour Mon-Fri from 1pm-4pm. 

There's even a backdrop background with a pretty pink rose flowers wall for you to take the perfect picture to post on instagram. We asked the cashier which is the most popular signature taiyaki to get and the person said the unicorn is good for pictures but the best tasting one is the matcha. He's right about that. The unicorn taiyaki surely looks good in photo but did not taste as good. I'd like to go back to try a different flavour again when the weather gets warmer as it's too cold to eat too much ice cream now, lol. 
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