Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Doraemon Museum: Fujiko F. Fujio Museum

This mark my 2nd time visiting the Doraemon Museum also known as the Fujiko F. Fujio Museum. I would be in Japan right now visiting for the 3rd time if the global pandemic didn't happen and I had to cancel my Japan trip. 

I will never get bored and tired of going to the Doraemon Museum. The second time around, I actually got to explore and see different things that I missed out on during my first visit.

You can read about my first visit to the Doraemon Museum on this post here and how to get there and purchase tickets.

Riding the Doraemon bus to the museum at Noborito station was always something I looked forward to because there are new buses every time. I never even noticed that there are cute foot prints of Doraemon's cat paws on the ground at the bus stop waiting area. How cute!

Monday, April 6, 2020

Line Friends Store: Spring Sakura Items

Japan is full of pink and sakura items all across the country in the spring time. Even the LINE FRIENDS store is sooooo pink and cute. 

I miss shopping in Japan so much. Hoping to be able to go back again soon in spring 2021. For now I will have to live with looking at these pictures on my blog. I hope they make you feel a little happier looking at all these cute and pink stuff. 

Window display at the Harajuku store. So pink and cute! (✿ ♥‿♥)


Sunday, March 8, 2020

Toronto Light Festival 2020

Last weekend, I took a walk at the Toronto Light Festival 2020 in the Distillery District area. This is actually my first time going and I was in the area nearby so I decided to check it out on the last day of the event on March 1st. 

The first thing I got to see was this light illumination inside a building with many inflated mushroom balloons in different sizes and shape that change into different colours. 

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Review: Unicorn Cafe in Toronto

I was super excited to go to the new unicorn cafe that opened in Toronto in Koreatown when I read about it on blogto. It looked so magical, cute, colourful and everything a little girl would ever dream of! ꒰˘̩̩̩⌣˘̩̩̩๑꒱♡

The first thing when you enter into the cafe, you are already greeted with so many unicorns and cute decorations all over!

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Kit Kat Chocolatory in Toronto

If you are a huge kit kat lover like me then you'll probably love this new first ever Kit Kat Chocolatory store opened in Toronto at Yorkdale Mall.

The store is actually not as big as I thought it would be but what's so special about the store is you can create and customize your own kit kat bars. 

The first thing you'll see when you enter into the store to the left is this nice and cozy photo booth section where you can sit on these hot red cushioned chairs to take a selfie or group picture with the backdrop of the different kit kats wallpaper all over the wall. 

In the middle of the store, you have these cube stands that display the different ingredients you can choose from to create your own kit kat bars as well as a steps guide on how to make one. You also get a clip board with a order form that you can fill out to submit your order too. 

There are 3 different kind of chocolate bars you can make: dark, white, and milk. And you can choose up to 3 different ingredients to add to your chocolate bar as well as writing a special message if you are giving it as a gift. You then wait about 90 minutes to pick up your order when it is ready.

I would assume the ingredients list will change and be updated every few months for special events like Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter etc. I went to the store at around Christmas time in December so they had more Christmas/wintery themed ingredients for the holiday. But I think if you go to the store now, they'd probably have special ones for Valentine's Day. 

Creating your own kit kat cost $15. You can also buy pre-made packaged ones in different sizes: 4 bars for $6 or 8 bars for $12 as well as special edition ones. 

The store can get a little crowded and it was kind of hard to even walk around and look through to see the different chocolates they sell. As much as I love kit kat chocolates, I probably don't see myself coming back to the store often as it is quite far away from me that I'd have to make a trip to go there. Other than that, it's a pretty unique experience and definitely worth checking out to see what the store has to offer from time to time during the different seasons. 
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