Sunday, March 8, 2020

Toronto Light Festival 2020

Last weekend, I took a walk at the Toronto Light Festival 2020 in the Distillery District area. This is actually my first time going and I was in the area nearby so I decided to check it out on the last day of the event on March 1st. 

The first thing I got to see was this light illumination inside a building with many inflated mushroom balloons in different sizes and shape that change into different colours. 

This one eye alien monster looking statue towering over a glass cubic sphere looked really cool and reminded me of something that you'd see in those science-fiction movies. 

This sunflower looking statue with changing lights at the top kind of looked like a spaceship or that you've traveled through space into another galaxy world. 

These spaceman statues hanging above in the air also set the mood of this space/galaxy theme vibe of the light festival. 

But I'd have to say the best highlight was watching these hundreds of light bulbs change into different colours through the transmission of pattern and flow as it really makes you feel like you're in a different world. Video on my instagram post here

As well was these pretty and romantic looking lights that hover and move with the wind mimicking the movement of fireflies. Video on my instagram post here

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