Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rinka From JJ July

Sharing some of my favourite outfit looks from the magazine JJ with Rinka 梨花 on the cover! Rinka looks soooo pretty and youthful on the cover. Aside from Namie Amuro, Rinka is probably the second person who never seem to age and look more and more beautiful as they get older. 

Rink always seem to rock the simple casual look so well! Totally love those yellow converse shoes. 

Tropical prints and A-Line and pencil skirts are really in for the summer this year! I wish I could buy some but I'm trying to stay away from purchasing more summer clothes. Because before I know it summer will be over in a blink of an eye and it feels like such a waste spending my money on buying more summer clothes when I have enough to get me through the summer. So for now I'll just stare at these scans and pretend that I bought all these clothes. LOL! =P 

Simple casual looks is also another big hit for the summer this year. These casual outfits would be totally great for traveling and to stay comfortable while looking stylish and cute!

And of course, summer wouldn't be complete if there isn't yukatas! Such sweet romatnic wear for the festive summer. I still want to own a yukata one day. One day! =)

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