Saturday, June 8, 2013

YesStyle Purchases

It's been such a long time since I last shopped at YesStyle for clothes and I decided to check what they have for new summer items and made a few orders last week. I am almost done shopping for summer. I just need a few more essential pieces that I'm looking for and I'm all good for the summer! I mostly need to invest in buying more shorts in different styles and colours and everything else I pretty have like shoes and dresses. 

I got this blue polka dots skirt that comes with a belt. I've been looking for a skirt like this for a very long time! It's such an essential simple key item to match outfits with. I'm planning on matching it with some colour tops like pink and yellow. It also comes in another pattern with hearts and polka dots but I decided to go with the plain polka dots because it's much more easier to match clothes with and the hearts and polka dots pattern looks like it's a little too much for the eyes...although it is definitely much cuter. Simplicity is always a good choice! =)

Got this really thin knit stripe top with a big pocket at the front and a skull at the back. I thought it'd be a great girly and chic item to wear for the summer on those chilly days when it's a bit cold out to keep myself warm and I got it in no other colour but pink of course! lol. =P

This eyelet lace front cap top is sooo pretty and girly sweet and it will go well with my blue polka dots skirt or I can pair it with a white lace skirt like in the photos. I love how you can also wear it as an off-shoulder top as well! I love versatile tops.

Another skull top but in black. I have a huge thing for skulls. I own so many skull tops...I just can't seem to get enough of them! I absolutely love the design on this top and couldn't pass on not getting it. Next thing you know I'd be getting some skull earrings and rings, lol! 

Got this spike gold and silver studs cap. This cap was like love at first sight for me. These particular style of cap is sooooo popular in Japan right now!! It is literally seen worn by many Japanese models and is also featured in Japanese fashion magazines a lot.  This will be my 3rd cap that I own. I also have one in white and pink as well! XD

Heart suspender nude stockings! Omg, I've been looking for these stockings since FOREVER! Every time I found them it is always either sold out or being sold at a too expensive price that I am not willing to pay for, LOL. Soooooo happy and glad I found these at a reasonable price! ♥♥♥

I actually found these super adorable "bunny ear" tattoo stockings in the most popular sold items on the YesStyle site. Fell in love with these stockings the first moment I saw them!! Simply too cute for words and it just make you want to scream "KAWAII~!!

Because these bunny ear tattoo stockings are so super adorable cute, I also bought them in white as well! THEY'RE JUST TOO CUTE TO RESIST!!! ♥_♥

And lastly I got a pair of these cuff beige and brown sandals to match skirts and dressings with. I love the design of these sandals!! Reminds me of something the Roman Greece would wear, lol! It's got this "romantic and fairy tale" feel to it that sort of makes them look like goddess shoes. XD

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