Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shopping: H&M And Blue Notes

Went out grocery shopping on the weekend last week and ended up buying some clothes. Shopaholic problem, lol. I originally only wanted to buy some basic shorts for the summer but saw a few key items that I could get to match clothes with that I was missing and decided to get them.

Basic white lace skirt that I've been hunting down to get for the longest time. Somehow it's always so hard to find the right basic item when you are searching hard for it!

Denim lace vest. I've been looking for something like this for a long time as well but was never able to find one. Found this one at Blue Notes for only $15! A cute simple piece to match outfits with. 

And coincidently the two items that I have bought that day actually makes a cute outfit. Totally unplanned when I bought them, lol! I only realized it after I got home. XD 

Simple basic black and white shorts that I got from H&M for $15 only. I actually don't have any black or white shorts and or many shorts to begin with so this was a much needed item in my wardrobe to match simple outfits with. I've been trying to shop for more basic items that I don't have more than items that I don't need but want to get simply because it looks nice. Trying really hard to not spend so much money buying clothes for the summer as there's only so little time of summer left and there's always next year to get anything new that I want. =) 

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